questionswhat is the best coupon site out there? no…


Of course, is the best known. is my go-to for online shopping, has lots of printable coupons (groceries, etc.)


My favorite for coupons:

Edit to add: Great shoppers think alike!


I will third retail-me-not. It's the first place I usually go to check.


i agree with everything from @ohcheri. I used in conjunction with target's online coupons to save $25 off $100 in store today, plus 5% off for using a target card in store. (gotta LOVE that Target takes a Target coupon AND a manufacturer coupon on any item!)

with (and now, apparently, you need to install a browser plugin/printer thingy to be able to print the coupons. got a bad rap in the past for that, but they've cleaned up their software and come a long way - gets you great deals all over the place.

retailmenot is superfab for online purchasing. while it isn't a coupon thing per se, don't forget about Mr. Rebates for earning money back from your online purchases.

vote-for7vote-against is my go-to site before I make any online purchase (I seldom shop in real stores these days). At least 90% of the time I find a free shipping code, and very often also find discount codes as well.


Another vote for retailmenot, although I've also found some good coupon codes on


retail me not. I waste less time there. Codes are usually still active.


For printable coupons (and daily freebies to boot) I rely on They organize everything well, have coupons I don't see elsewhere, and even spell out the best deals at the drugstores each week (which if you play that game you get a TON of free merch).


In addition to - as many others have already pointed out, I use the Invisible Hand add-on for FF:


i checked out and i want to print several coupons but don't see expiration dates. Do the coupons have expiration dates? I want to plan ahead on items I buy normally but have in stock for now.
Any idea on the typical expiration dates? thanks


@w00tgurl: Yes, they pretty much all have expiration dates printed at the very top of the coupon, just to the right of center. If you're not seeing dates on any that you print, there's a problem with your printer. How's your black ink supply?


I will also add a vote for retailmenot.


I vote for RetailMeNot also.

Just make sure you check just below the unreliable line. Sometimes people will down-vote a code just because they don't like what it has to offer versus it actually being a non-working code, which was the intended purpose of the red X.

Example 1: "I'm not going to waste my time with 5% off, I want to find a better discount!" --> wrongly clicks red X
Example 2: "I'm not in the market for a laptop, show me a discount for an iPod!" --> wrongly clicks red X

Then the code has a 50% success rate (1 yes from the OP, 1 no from the misinterpreted X) and it falls below that "unreliable" line. A lot of valid codes -- some with attractive deals to be had -- get misrepresented as unreliable.


Ya, I do not trust anything that will not allow me to install on a virtual machine.
Why should it matter to them? Bad enough I need to install anything at all.
Seems suspicious to me.


@caffeine_dude: I have a suspicion that Coupons dot com uses some sort of usage monitoring that would creep us out if we knew about it. I'm sure you agree to it by installing the plug-in. Or something. I've never read it.

...damn click-through agreements...


I agree with Retail Me Not, but I also like this site to find Free Shipping codes (and coupons) because they give you the code without having to click to uncover it (as some sites do) and it has expiration dates listed to the side so you can easily see which coupons you can still use.


@perkalicious11: captures unique info about your computer... whether it be serial numbers of hard drives or mobos, they know if your computer has printed a coupon already. Same goes for smartsource online coupons. It's all anonymous, though.

there are basically 3 sources/engines for printable coupons
ALL require a coupon printer install, but all 3 are generally considered safe and NOT "spyware".
generally (same coupons available through many other portals) allow you to print 2 coupons. after you print, you hit the back button in your browser and can print one more... try a 3rd time and you get a message that you've reached your maximum allowed limit.
here's the best list of all internet-printable coupons I've ever found, it's updated almost daily.

I typically use at least $75-$100 worth of and smartsource internet-printable coupons per month.


I use for printable coupons, grocery coupons and coupon codes


I have been always using for online coupons codes , check it out , its simple to use

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Really useful websites friends
but for Discount coupons and promotional codes for indian websites


i suggest discount coupon website for extra savings with online purchases. They have latest coupon updates for most popular stores such as Boden USA, 6PM, NewEgg, Haggar, Levi's...


One of the sites I personally consider as "best" is They have a huge variety of coupon codes, which actually work 100% and they provide you with the entire details about every single coupon code for different stores along with the store's policies and basic guidelines, which I as an online buyer really appreciate.


@oo7slice: Yeah,
You can also check these site are also the best couponing sites;