questionsdo you use coupons?


I buy the Sunday newspaper and get coupons for groceries and restaurants. They end up in a file folder, sorted by expiration date. I file the whole page, because I don't waste time clipping coupons until the day they actually get used. I also like using coupon codes when shopping online.


Yes. Either online or printed out.
Generally I plan out a trip to the grocery stores, hunt up websites devoted to them, see what's hot, print out coupons that are linked, go shopping. I do well enough that managers often ask me how I do it.
However, I am not that crazy hoarder that has to have 200 bottles of mouthwash. If the deal is good enough to warrant me getting multiples(free + overage in cash), I give the extra to the food kitchen nearby. That way, I get the thrill of the bargain and they get the extra food/staples.
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I despise grocery store coupons, unless they are attached to the product at the store. The time spent looking through them never seems worth the savings to me. My online purchases are usually larger so I will hunt for online coupons.


I only use coupons online, but I will use the Sunday newspaper adds for price matching.


@skippykj: Whole Foods have the related coupons for your local store on their site all in one place so you can print what you need. That is always an option until they build my fridge that will auto-refresh its inventory.


I use this site to alleviate the guilt I feel from being too lazy to clip actual coupons.


i only clip coupons on items that i know i'll buy or that i've always wanted to try but wouldn't do so at the full price. i use, magazine, Deals.Woot! posts, etc to find coupons. every few weekends, i cut them all out and file according to item type. i make a grocery list of what we actually need, then cross reference with both the coupons and the current ads for our local stores (Walmart, Target, Jewel, Aldi's & a small local grocery chain), making a quick spreadsheet with all the info i need. i spend about 2 hours every 3-4 weeks and tend to save between $20-$60, depending on how much i'm buying at the time. i also happen to enjoy organizing and categorizing things, so i don't mind it nearly as much as most people would. hubby thinks i'm nuts, but loves when we can buy an extra video game because i saved us fifty bucks this month :)

and people who don't at least take a quick look for online coupon codes when making large purchases are just silly.


My wife does have a coupon binder and she will shop for stuff on sale that she has a coupons for. It is normal for here to go and get a hundred items and spend less then $10 on it. Here lasf major purchase was 80 bags of sheered cheese. They where buy one get one free and $1.25 each. She had a 50 cent coupon that the store doubled to a dollar off so she got 2 bags of cheese for 25 cents. And before people say that's to much cheese, it can be frozen and used whenever its needed.


I'm more of an online shopper, so when I see promo codes, yes I will use them.

I don't use printed out coupons because most stores hate taking them. However, I do occasionally use other types of physical coupons (but very rarely).


Yes, absolutely. All the time.

Really one of the biggest reasons we get the local Sunday rag is for the coupon sections. That and the newspaper is always a handy covering for kids doing art projects on the table.

Our local grocery store has "double coupon" days twice a week, where they'll double 5-10 coupons (except the "do not double" ones) up to $1 each. So when we compare what's on sale at the store to which coupons we have that week, it's pretty easy to save $20+ a week just with coupons on groceries for our 4-person family.


@smtatertot13: A kindred spirit here. :) I also enjoy sorting and categorizing, so I know where you're coming from. I try to clip and file the coupons every week, though. It takes about 20-30 minutes; I usually do it in front of Jeopardy or whatever.

I just came home from Target, where I used coupons totaling $8.50 off my purchase of about $31, meaning my final total was just over $22, PLUS I got a $5 gift card for a future purchase. And of course, most of what I bought was on sale to begin with, though they really are things I needed (cereal, feminine products, laundry detergent, etc.). I find that coupons are worth the little bit of time I spend on them.


I use coupons, but rarely. I don't buy prepackaged foods, junk foods, canned goods, and am also not really the target audience for coupon makers. When I took the paper, there was the occasional coupon for milk that I used. The grocery store has "instant" coupons that I use, IFF I was going to purchase an item, or it's an item I use often.

Coupons are put out by companies for various reasons, including encouraging brand loyalty, or as an introduction to a new product. If I still took the paper, I'd probably save a few coupons (for things like Tide and Bounce and Cascade and Palmolive dish soap). It's cheaper to simply not take the paper. I don't ever go to any of the coupon sites (and have no interest in doing so). The pennies I'd save are simply not worth it to me, and there are other ways I'd prefer to spend my time.

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I have coupons forced upon me by my mom. If I tell her that I am going to buy something, she rushed to the computer to find a coupon and if there are no coupons, she tells me where the best deal is.


Restaurant coupons are great. Usually in the $3-$5 range. So basically 1/3-1/2 off a meal. The Subway buy one get one with the purchase of a drink is good too. FYI, a footlong is 2 6-in subs, order a footlong, and they'll accept the coupon anyways.


My wife and I are at opposite ends of the spectrum on this. I see value in selective clipping and will regularly spend some time perusing the Sunday coupons and setting aside the best of them. Wifey would likely turn down a coupon for a BOGO if you handed it to her just after she picked up two of that item.

Since wifey does most of the shopping, we get the best of both worlds. I get to spend time clipping and sorting and wifey gets to not be bothered with them. Marriage is all about compromise.

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Sometime we do. Especially for Harbor Freight as there's usually are kickin'!


@shrdlu: Even as an avid coupon user, I agree with much of what you're saying. Most of the coupons I use are for nonfood items: personal care, paper products, etc. I absolutely HATE spending money on feminine products--they seem so outrageously overpriced, and it's not like I can just go without--and coupons significantly lessen that pain.

You're right about the purpose(s) of coupons, but it's not a bad thing. I recently tried "Cuties" brand mandarin oranges for the first time because I had a coupon, and now I am absolutely obsessed with the things! I've been buying them with and without coupons for a month and a half now. The coupon absolutely did its job, and everybody wins. :)

You're lucky it's a pretty day where you are. It's far more coupon-friendly today where I am!


Oh, and to answer the original question: I love Target's online coupons because Target allows customers to combine one Target coupon with one mfr coupon on any item. So today's laundry detergent: $7.99 - $1.50 Target coupon - $2.00 mfr coupon = $4.49, a savings of about 44%. Not too bad.

What I don't like about Target coupons is they layout the software uses: it wastes more paper than necessary and almost doubles the cutting needed by putting an inch of dead space between coupons. Fitting four or five to a page instead of three would save me time, paper, and money (cost of paper).


I use them online, at grocery stores, and for anything else that saves me my money. I absolutely hate paying full price for anything. I also don't have any issue with seeking out a manager of a store to get another 10% off. I have lots of hobbies and interests, and my money needs to be stretched. I'm not poor, but I am also not filthy rich.


I do get some in the mail that I use (diapers etc.) sometimes i'll go online to find one for something specific but I always search for a coupon code when shopping online.


I almost always just clip coupons for items I use regularly; occasionally if something new comes along that looks interesting, I'll try it with a coupon. Also online couons for my main grocery store. But I won't sign up for onlin coupon printers. If a business wants me to use one of their coupons, they'll make it so I can print it without downloading anything.


using manufacturer and store coupons you can get paid to take stuff out of just about any retail chain.
YES, 99% of stores will allow you to use a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon on the SAME ITEM. A store coupon is a discount, and manufacturer's coupon is a form of payment.

Typically, stuff like toothpaste, deodorant, bodywash, shampoo, etc are free each week at riteaid, cvs, or walgreens.

All 3 have their own form of "play money" that you get back for buying certain products... ECB's, +up rewards, or register rewards. An item will be $2.99, for example, and have a $2 ECB/RR/+UP. You use a $1 coupon from the sunday paper, and the item is essentially free (pay $1.99, get back $2)
your first transaction will require some real cash, but after that, you use an ECB/RR/+UP to pay for next week's deal.
I buy at least 6 copies of each sunday sacramento bee (at dollar tree for $1 instead of it's $2 retail price), file the inserts away, and use a database from for matchups


@pooflady: if they make it available for you without installing anything, some asshat will ruin it for everyone by printing hundreds or photocopying. The coupon printer app is small, and I use over $100 worth of smartsource and coupons each month, so definitely worthwhile. We have the apps installed on 4 computers so we can print as many as possible (almost always limited to 2 per computer)

Anyway, coupons save my family over $300 per month, and we spend maybe 20 hours per month doing matchups and coupon shopping, so it works out to a $15 per hour job. I wish people on foodstamps/welfare would do this, they could stretch their budgets so much further! I've had safeway transactions where we had two shopping carts full, and ended up paying about $15 after coupons ($300+ before) with savings of 95-98%

sadly, the stats are amazing... the vast majority of coupons are redeemed by people in upper incomes. I guess when you work hard for your money, you hate to see it go to waste.