questionshow much do you really like your social media?


I don't. I am not active in any of the social media outlets you have mentioned. Just not my thing.


I only use it as a way to communicate with friends who don't play video games on a regular basis, or don't have some instant messaging client, some people just don't have the time and facebook is usually the answer. It's also nice to be able to keep tabs on old friends.

Otherwise, I preferred myspace over facebook. Facebook is so public, and seems to create much more drama. Myspace also was great for the profiles, had so much fun creating custom profile pages -- so myspace was at least entertaining for that.

As for them fading into nothingness? I doubt they will go away anytime soon... consumers and companies have invested quite a lot of time into facebook and twitter, it serves as a great public hub and a free way to advertise to millions of people.


Let's just say that the only thing I check regularly is Woot!...


Well enough.

The hardest problem is the guilt I have when I don't respond immediately.


This is the only one I use. I only have time for one. I like it quite well, or I wouldn't be here.


I use it for entertainment; both for my own and to entertain a few friends.

I really don't understand why most people think that DW isn't a form of social media/networking.


It can be a lot to keep up with. :(