questionsdoes anyone have a futon that's actually good to…


Two words: Extra padding.

I slept on a futon for a few years and it wasn't half bad. I can sleep on anything, though.


@rprebel is correct. I've slept on a futon for at least 11 years, now, and it's comfortable, and especially nice given that I am (as they say) built rather low to the ground. It's important to buy a good quality frame, and equally important to get a decent mattress. Mine has springs inside it. I used to have three, but sold the other two some years ago, when I started replacing everything with antiques.

I'm not sure where you'd get such a mattress, but if you're in a major city, shopping around should find you someone who carries decent ones.

Good luck.


I slept on a futon for several years about 17 years ago and it wasn't bad, though I'd purchased an upgraded mattress for it. I got a two-inch thick foam pad after about a year and it was even better. Note however that I like a very firm mattress.

I have a different futon at present and use it as a couch 99% of the time. It has a standard futon mattress and isn't as comfortable as the one I had before, though it isn't horrible either.


I'd like to second (or third) @rprebel: extra padding is the way to go.

I got a futon cover that was thicker than I needed (10 in cover for an 8 in mattress) and added a foam pad and an older comforter I had lying around to the futon mattress, under the cover.

Note: my mattress does have coils, and I do like a firmer mattress.


@rprebel: @shadowblue42 i agree with teh extra padding. i put a memory foam matteress topper on mine and i slept so much better on it


they are only good for one thing, and it ain't sleeping


I thought if I had bought a 400 dollar futon with a nice 5" thick matress I would be safe. Now I want to kill myself. My lower back pain is insane. I started sleeping on a Cot last night and it's starting to feel better. I want to buy a new bed but I don't want to move it when I get my townhome in a few months. I guess it's a cot for the next few months.