questionsanyone else get their account hacked?


I see that it is your first day, so welcome to deals.woot! But no, sorry to say I haven't had my target account hacked. Possibly because I do not have one. I know that most sites don't ask for the code if it is being shipped to the card's billing address. I wonder if it is the same for Maybe you'll be so lucky to have $125 worth of itunes gift cards hundreds of dollars worth of shoes shipped to your house. So what made you decide to join woot this morning and tell us all your extravagant story?


Like @eraten stated, I didn't have my account hacked either.

Perhaps your account was targeted to be hacked (no pun intended) because of it's simplicity. You may be a member of another site and use the same password. That site could then use your credentials to sign into almost any other site using your credentials.

Be careful not to use the same password for everything especially when using them for things like blogs where it requires you to sign in to make a comment. Who knows what kind of security those sites have.

So, in summary, it probably wasn't that was hacked but was your own password policies that were in fault. Generally speaking, when an entire site gets hacked, that makes the news and everyone is notified of the incident. I have not heard anything specific to target this week.


@cutegirl: check my question about Amazon from a few months ago:

The comments I received are, for the most part, applicable to your Target situation. Let me note, though, that many sites do not ask for a security code before processing a purchase, and that's it's extremely unlikely that Target is "damn easy" to hack into.

I'm still curious, though, why you chose to become a member of this site today simply to tell us about an online shopping experience?


Uh... This is almost an EXACT copy/paste job of topic @dreamyvelvet posted on Aug. 4th... :-/ Just the store name has been changed...Weird.


@jimeezlady: In the other thread the capitalized email made sense, this one is a bit odd because it says that the site name was capitalized and then they show the word "orders" as being capitalized.


@jimeezlady: good catch! I knew something wasn't right about this post, a first day member with a post like this. You can't sneak anything by the DW community, let this be a lesson!


Just FYI, if your Target account was hacked but Target agreed to reverse the charges, there's absolutely no reason to cancel your cards. There's no way to get the actual card numbers through such a breach, and so you can safely assume your credit card numbers will not be used elsewhere.


It sure is strange that a brand new white triangle would register an account to tell us about a nearly word-for-word plagiarism of a post from August.

What's the motive here? What does this accomplish? Anyone remember the person who kept posting word-for-word questions that came from yahoo questions or some other website? Why did they do that?


@90mcg112: I remember the incident that you speak of, but not the user....they would ask a question that was copied from another forum. I've searched but can't find the answer. I bet that someone here has a list of ne'er-do-wells that could tell us.