questionswhat's your favorite brand of beef jerky?


Thanks for the link. Jack Link's is the only tolerable "brand" jerky I have eaten.

I remember when I was in HK, they had fresh jerky for sale at all the markets. It was sold as this huge sheet of meat.

EDIT: It looks like NML jerky is only available in stores in the Midwest. :( West-coasters like me are out of luck.


I love my jerky super dry so you can chew it for a few hours, so Ajays Montana Bananas jerky is some of my favorite. It's a little pricey, but I love the stuff, usually pick up a bag when the Snap-On guy is around. I've found that Bev-mo carries it too now, so it's nice to be able to get it whenever I want.
Good stuff.

Can anyone else recommend some other good dry peppered jerky?


Haven't seen that brand around here, I'll have to look for it!!

@cowboydann: This one is made in Oklahoma, so you would probably have to order online but it is bone dry and even the "original" flavor has a decent amount of pepper in it. (They also have free shipping)


@cowboydann: ...because you are a cowboy :) The dry authentic jerky that can sit in a jar on a counter for weeks. Sounds like your style.


Not only is homemade the best, but check out Alton Brown's method of doing it with a box fan. Truly a dried meat process, no need to buy a dehydrator if you only need it for jerky, and really cheap to make. Buy the filters in bulk at Lowe's or Home Depot and they last for 6 batches or more depending on how much you drain the brine. I've been following his recipe/method for over a year. Since I've shared it with co-workers, they've actually told me that I've ruined store-bought jerky for them and I now use it for bribes!

I actually lay the fan set-up flat and prop it up on four aluminum cans. And you don't need to use flank steak at $7/lb. Lean round steak cuts on sale for $3/lb work just great.