questionswho wants to help secondipity with the monitor…


I do drchops. I voted it up!


already done.

(i didn't downvote them, but i refuse to upvote the bonobos)


It is embarrassing to see people get belligerent verbally over something that has no real impact on their life. I up voted it.


That's good people - upvoting a hopelessly downvoted deal in lieu of the fact it's bad for your "rep" :D (how bad, I'm not sure..)

I'm still pretty damn curious about what kind of people the "you owe me" crowd is..

I can picture like some angry 6th grader on Xbox Live! screaming about how a company owes them money for a typo, but it just seems weird for a "grownup" to go that route..


@drchops: but what can i do? i'm just one person. my vote doesn't count. how can my voice be heard? what if woot doesn't count my partially punched chad?


I had already up-voted the deal before I saw this, but I will post my support here. I also up/down voted a lot of the comments in the thread as well, to help with people that look at comment scores.


Also upped it~mistakes do happen, people should chill.


it seems a bit of too little, too late. Which is a shame. Kudos to the OP and @trissecondipity for positivism.


I up voted it as soon as the seller posted it wasn't their error. It's a shame it has so many down votes. Let's hope the community will turn that around.


Got my up vote in. Still not looking good at post time +120 to -164 at the time of this post.


+1 C'mon Wooters! Only 30 more good hearted souls needed to put them on the plus side! We CAN do it!


Why would I upvote, they didn't do anything for me...they're the ones that messed up the deal.

I kid, I kid, I upvoted ;)


Done. Paying it forward always makes me feel better.


I upped it as well, it'll be out of the hole within the hour I'll wager.


I upped it.
Woot, you need to take the voting off the sponsored deals. The trolls are destroying it.

If i paid for a spot on your page and saw this kind of reaction, I wouldn't be buying another.


It's positive now.
Way to go guys. Lets keep it that way


@wickedd365: If you paid for a spot on the page, hopefully you wouldn't screw up the deal you paid to advertise.

Down voting is good because some (not all) of the sponsored deals are in fact shady.

The down voting is a lesson to the company to not screw up next time.


@wootbretz: It was a Woot falter not Secondipity


There is no such thing as bad publicity.


Voted ;)

Good Company
Good Vote


@miquinn: Then I rescind my comment.



Awww, you guys just made my Friday :)

If you're on a roll, vote for your favorite DonorsChoose project this month:


@w00tgurl: Oh dear, I hope you don't have hanging chads! :)


Up voted during the early Carnage this morning about 1:25 AM eastern...
I also up-voted and used a lot of my stored up down-votes on the comments in the thread as well, to help differentiate the good from the bad comments....

Someone said something about angry 6th graders on Xbox screaming that they were owed.. That is very much what it sounded like from a lot of the white diamond comments... So sad...


+94, that's pretty damned impressive..

I checked it a minute ago and saw "94" and assumed it was -94 still heh.. and that seemed pretty good..

I gotta be honest, I wasn't too confident we'd even get it neutral...I was wrong :)


I up-voted. It's positive now, but undeserved negativity was undeserved.


@drchops: You guys are awesome! Is there a name out there for positive Wooters like you guys? Perhaps the antonym of troll is...


Congratulations, community. We responded well.