questionsanyone have any great places to buy christmas…


Well, maybe you could get them at that Vergo Fitness place.

You, and your good friend briangroce (lack of @ sign deliberate) seem to like it quite a bit.

Posting a lot of random questions tends to catch my attention. Congratulations.

I know, I know, but really, I do my homework before I bring these things out in public.

Voting patterns, items posted, it's all very interesting. No, not all the items seem to come from that single storefront, but enough of them. It has all the special earmarks for the storefronts we were seeing a while back, including the single item (or a few items) offered, and that one on the crappy side. In addition, you asked a question about it. That was a mistake.

Please, @prettywootprincess, don't let them delete this question (or my comment). We need to have some way of keeping a public track record.


@shrdlu: I am sorry for this... I have learned something here today and it was very disrespectful to the group. I hope my apology is accepted and you will not see any more of this from me.


@jameskrenshaw: I'm personally not a big believer in the "apology = redemption" concept.


@magic cave: I agree, trust will have to be earned.