questionscan you help me find a matching subwoofer?


Have you looked at the Energy S-10.3 subwoofer? It's $199.99 after $20 off promo code ENER66 at Newegg with Free Shipping.


The Mirage you mentioned is on sale for $135 with free shipping from AcousticSoundDesign via Amazon.

Edit: There's a good thread about this model on SlickDeals (sorry Woot staffer).


That Yamaha is good for smaller rooms, but in no way will it be the room-filling, I-can-feel-it-bass, if that's what you're after.

If you have the space, the best bang for the buck is the Monoprice 8249. Size does matter (physics), and no other 12" that's good comes close to their $84 price tag.