questionsboc challenge - help me find a lighting fx…


"I hate posting something like this here, but at this point I am at a loss. "

Wha? I thought that was what we were here for! Also, tough challenge, I hope someone comes through for you.


Really though indeed.

Closest I got was but I don't think they have any in stock either.


@inkycatz: I know and when Deals.Woot! first started you saw a ton of the "challenge" threads. But then they slowly disappeared and now I feel like I am just using the community for my own personal benefit.

But I do thank you for the reassurance that I am not being a selfish.wooter.

@joshobra: I tried calling that site but the phone is busy. That's not a good sign, but I will keep on trying! Thanks!


Not after the BoC, but I did find the original manufacturer info... which doesn't really seem to help since the model number isn't distinctive and the UPC comes back with no useful hits.


@coondogg97: BE THE CHANGE, friend! Perhaps to bring back the spirit we can have a challenge day, in which ALL challenges are welcome and encouraged with open arms.


I searched for about an hour and a half. I found A TON of DIY instructions for solid-state stereo light enhancements and for color organs, yet your product is out of manufacture. I tried uk and ca sites as well, no dice. Yet I did find similar less expensive alternatives, such as:

Good luck and great challenge.


Thanks everyone for the help. It doesn't seem like this is going to work out but thank you all for trying.

@xarous: I would say you did get the closest or at least you did the most research. I did see that box on Amazon and I was on the fence about building the organ style boxes, but I was hoping I would have some luck here.

Shoot me your address and I will put together your BoC and send it out to you. My email address is below.

This thing is not over by any means! If you are reading this in July and find something by all means let me know! I will still honor the BoC.

E-Mail -



@coondogg97: Last, but not least, is this any help?

They are based out of Texas and I left a voicemail to see if they truly have it in stock as I didn't order it, but they are still in business.

Thanks for offering the prize even though your challenge is a great one. Dropped you an e-mail just in case.


I tried the seefred route and went all the way to the shipping/cc info page with no problem. When do they let you know that it's OOS?


@jsimsace: When they email you


We received your order, but are sold out of the Christmas Tree FX. It has been discontinued by the vendor, so we cannot re-order. We apologize our website has not been updated to reflect this change.

Your order will be canceled - your credit card was never charged.

Have a nice day!



It looks like you picked a helluva challenge....but it wouldn't surprise me if someone finds one for you. Wootizens are good like that. :)


Here is a cheap solution and they are common as hell:

Ten bucks, that's the easy part. You need to use led light strings, minus the transformer. I don't know what voltage the string actually uses but I bet it's 12v.

oh, the transformer you cut off the lights? use it to power the controller


Hmm I had edited that but it didn't take,

I missed the shipping charges on the above controller, here is a controller for $8

If I am wrong about the transformer voltage on the regular led lights, (they might vary, look around.)
here are 12v ones

and you would need a 12v wall wart(maybe)


Can't find it for sale anywhere, but I did find out that the Halloween device is simply called "Lighting FX" and was sold online and at Target back around 2003. It was made by a company called 13 Transylvania Ave. Can't find much on them, other than they are/were owned by Paper Magic Group. I did find contact info for them:

I wouldn't hold out much hope as it seems these devices are long gone, but if you're really interested I guess contacting them might be worth a shot.

Also found this on the bay -- yes it's ended, but it looks like they do show up from time to time, so you might want to keep checking there:


@coondogg97: I was in Target yesterday and found this:

I can't find it on the Target website, so you might want to just check your local store. I'm not sure how it compares to the one you were originally looking for, but I thought you might like to know about it!


Having all kinds of trouble here. That link didn't work, and my edited response has just vanished into thin air. At any rate, the product is made by Westinghouse. It is called Holiday Melody and Light Remote. The remote looks like a snowman. Good luck!


Funny I came across this site while looking for the exact same lightning box. Since it is 2013 and Im seeing this feed a year after people were posting I can guess that this unit no longer exists. I decided to order a 3 channel color organ kit from electronic goldmine. At the price of $16.00 I found it to be my best bet for lighting effects. I will have some work to put it together and make a box for it, but in the end I am saving myself a lot of cash. The boxes they have now are $50 +
I hope you got your lightning effects accomplished last year!!


It's 2014 and I am looking for the same thing. A Christmas Tree FX box. Can't find them anywhere. But I just located and purchased a new-in-box (?) one on eBay today $30. Not cheap, but it's what I need.