questionsopinions on the new iphone 4s?


Will it work with my rotary-dial plan?


What a 5, no 5.


@cindihoward: What exactly were you looking for?


@jsoko: 4G so I don't have to upgrade again in a year to access it.


@captainsuperdawg: Yep...I didn't know words could have so many symbols!


@cindihoward: It's as much of 4G as many competitors advertise as 4G, Apple is just honest. Are you even in a city where REAL 4G is offered?


Here's my take: it wasn't Apple who dubbed it the iPhone 5, it was the blogosphere. So name aside, Im intrigued by Siri. I like my Android, but saying an address 4 times to my GPS is killing my will.

Ive realized that it isn't Apple I despise; it's the fanboys.


@charleenarandall: No truer words. Someone posted a video comparing iOS 5 to current Android OS, and everything they claim as "innovation" was stolen from a different company, most notably the Notifications. The video was seen by a few people, and then it disappeared. Android OS, as my first smartphone this past month, is quite superior to iOS IMHO.

The subtitles read: the reason for iPhone's success is...Apple fanboys. He actually said iOS.


I think that Apple fans were hoping it would blow all Android phones out of the water, but it mostly matched the top-of-the-line Android phones already out today.

I think that Android fans were hoping that it would set the bar even higher, forcing all of the Android phone manufacturers to push even harder and advance even further. Instead, the Android manufacturers can breathe a sigh of relief and coast on auto-pilot for a little while, releasing the new phones that have already been in production.

The most exciting feature of the iPhone 4S is the voice controls... something Android phones have had in app form for a while now.


@bmw66x: Everybody "steals" ideas from everyone. This is why we have courts. People "steal" from Apple, Apple "steals" from others... Life goes on, and consumer products get better. It's win-win for consumers.


Larger screen would of made the sale for me. After using my Evo for so long, the iphone 4's screen looks tiny to me.


@keywestdreamer: I think that's it. What's new about this phone besides siri, the camera, and it's faster? And who the hell wants to play god of war on a touchscreen phone?

They didn't even redesign it...they didn't even come up with ONE innovative feature that we haven't seen before. wtf apple?


I'll finally be able to have an opinion, now that the iPhone is being added to the Sprint line-up. I may become an Apple fanboy yet ... .


I don't give a rip about the phone itself. A faster processor means less battery life and a better camera doesn't really tickle my pickle.

I was super excited about the new iOS 5 though, but further research shows that key features will be left out to encourage people to buy the iPhone 4S. There's no reason my iPhone 4 shouldn't be able to operate Siri, but Apple just wants to be greedy. I'm not going to drop the cash just so I can text with my voice. I'll stick to Dragon Dictation for that.


@nate800: Battery life is much better on 4S, because of a bigger battery to compensate.


I wanted a redesign-if I'm upgrading, I want people to know I've got the latest. Also, glass front and back doubles my chances to break something. I was planning on being the first on my block, but now I'm seriously considering other options with a bigger screen and non-glass back.