questionschristmas crap 2013 - who and where?


Just saw another was posted under accessories/handbags. :)


I got squat.
Which is some cases is better than crap.
But, truth be told, I would have liked to buy some.


Crapless again...oh well, there's always next year.


Grinched. I have not read yet, were the links from the different locations different or to the same place? I peered at the main site and a few minutes after (too late, of course) the facebook, twitter and accessories locations. I do not do the social media thing.


OK, did a bit of reading the treadmills and handbags were different links. Good deal. Didn't work out for me but goes back in my fair fun catagory. If the link was the same and social media told followers to watch it would kinda be unfair in my book.

Merry Christmas to all!


nada. Not into FB or tweeting, so I guess that leaves me out of a lot of crap.


@ceagee: Me too. No FB, no twitter, and no interest in either. Of course, these days I have little to no interest in BOC's in general, so I guess I shouldn't feel left out.