questionswhat camera system do you shoot? why?


Nikon D5000. I used a 6006 film camera for years, and moved on to the Nikon dslr. Won't ever use another. Nikon forever!

But I used Pentax in photography classes, and they were pretty good.


I'm a Canon guy, but really only because they released the first DSLR at a price point I could afford--the first Digital Rebel. Since then I've been buying lenses, flashes, and other accessories. Now I'm shooting a 7d. I've admired my buddy's Nikon and I'm sure I would be perfecting happy shooting Pentax.

The used lens and accessory market (Craigslist) certainly seems to favors Canon and Nikon, which is a pretty huge advantage over Pentax, Sony or other DSLRs.


I'm also a Canon guy. I used to be Nikon till my Dad gave me his old back-up Canon DSLR. I'm now shooting with a Canon 1D Mark II.

Can anyone use a pair of Nikon film SLR's?


Nikon because they had the best camera (D90) for my needs and budget at the time. Since I'm only in for one lens so far, I'm still pretty brand neutral. My first digital camera ever was a Pentax Optio 555 point-and-shoot.


Pentax (K20D) thanks to a sellout.woot deal a couple years back. Still one of my favorite Woots ever.