questionsdo you want to know why woot is still incredibly…



and the ultimate of ultimateness:

1 framed letter 'C' signed by @thunderthighs!!!!!!!!!!!!

thunderthighs and all the other woot employees, you all rock more than i can describe with common words. thank you!!!


Pretty nifty. Watch where you leave that pen, though.


That's so awesome. Just beyond cool. I can't even locate a gif to do it justice.


@okham: i plan to thoroughly freak out my co-workers


holy perennials batman! the bags of highly non-flammable texas air were hiding seeds!


Me = jealous. Great crap, congrats Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarl!


Yes, I would like to know that. You, @carl669 have received the "love." This is good. Really good. It, to me, seems to be a throw-back of how things used to be.

In case anyone is wondering....No, this is not sour grapes for me. Seriously. The grapes went 'off', so to speak, long ago. These wonderful 'gifts' are really neat. As they were, in the long ago past.

Kudos to @thunderthighs (as always). And those other stalwart staff employees who keep hangin' in. No names needed; you know who you are. You are a delight! The rest...not so much.


@carl669: As a fellow crapword winner, we may have matching shoes if I'm reading your post correctly. I got one left size 11 fila skele toes shoe in my BOC. (and 1 right size 10)


@thunderthighs: Thank You for bringing the woot back into woot!


@thunderthighs: You rock! Hard!

You guys should sell the "Suck it up, Buttercup" seeds. Seriously.


So, I couldn't find an awesome GIF to celebrate the kick-assness....
But I did make one...

(Yes, it's from paint, shush!)


This is the very same woman who makes me look at the long, long list of woot plus deals every single weekday, just to see what new surprise she's posted at the end.

Today made my ribs hurt. Thanks, @thunderthighs.

Hey, at least I know enough to set down my coffee before I look at your "bumping" post.


@sirgeb27: hmm....i gave the shoes to a co-worker for his son. i didn't even look in the box to see if it was a matching set! we might have to arrange a trade.

@gmwhit: and i am incredibly grateful to receive the love!


downvoted OP due to: this particularly kind act for one user in no way indicates that the company previously referred to as "incredibly fun and awesome woot" is either "incredibly fun" nor "awesome".


@pinchecat: this kind of act has been done for many, many other users. therefore, I stand by my statement of "incredibly fun and awesome".

(side note: i can't down vote your post because you had the decency to explain why you down voted the OP. i wish more people would do that.)


congrats, I still an BOC-less for over 2 years now


I have no clue what sequence of events causes one to receive a BOC (still new here). I didn't even know it was a thing until reading this thread.

But, that is fantastic! I can't think of much that's more fun than receiving random surprises in the mail. Good for you!


Agreed. That is the old Woot! awesomeness and character of the company that I came to love before the awesomeness became way more difficult to see. Thank you for reminding me why I love Woot!


@thunderthighs: fyi...the lights you sent are awesome. they're incredibly quiet (a big reason i couldn't use my other set at work). but these lights now adorn my cubicle and spin merrily away.


So if I complain about not getting crap, will TT mail me stuff too?