questionsanyone else having problems with the fresh tab?


@jumbowoot: Oh! Good one! That belongs in the 'modernizing question over there somewhere ----------->

Handing you a polished apple (thank you @mtm2), a 2 lb. box of dark fudge, a bottle of cab sav, a Houdini bottle opener...and a partridge in a pear tree.



@gmwhit: A threat of a tattle is worth two in the email...or something like that..

...Happy Holidays!

All this thread only!


@mtm2: polisher...:)

Happy Holidays!

All told!


@jumbowoot: Errrrmmm I threatened to tattle on that question, but did NOT. Did someone else really tattle? Too funny! a warped sense of humor way. :-D

Feliz Navidad. And those other holiday words to you & yours.


I was having the same problem earlier but now it all seems perfectly fine. I feel much better now!


@shrdlu: Ok...perfect timing...

...I think I'll add a coupon to your account tomorrow...


...that was funny...

All told...


@jumbowoot: ATC post has been deleted per an appropriate tattle regarding promotional posts in the ATC.

All told....

...including me. :)

Happy Holidays to all!!


@jumbowoot: Boooooo

You deleted the question, and my answer. My heart is now broken.


I've had the same problem all afternoon. I was AWOL for a few hours this evening though, so not sure if it's fixed or not.


I've tried Chrome with same results, normally use Firefox. Guess it's not browser specific.


Update for me. Couldn't find this question & my answer. Took repetetive clicks on Fresh & my comments.

Maybe paging staff for help? @inkykatz @jumbowoot. This way they MIGHT get ems. ;-)


Yes! Same problem. Thought it was me the 1st few times. Also had a hard time even finding a deal I posted over 7 hours ago. MIA, then it was back. Then gone again. Back now.


Update: Just a few minutes ago the Fresh Deals tab was 11 pages with nothing newer than 9 hours ago. Then it went back to normal with 15 pages. The only way I can see this question is to list all questions asked by me; it doesn't show up on the Fresh tab.