questionshas anyone had a problem with


I have reached out to the merchant.


I received a shipping notification with tracking number on August 22nd. Nothing ever showed on tracking until September 4th. I finally received my purchase on September 10th. Meanwhile, I ordered from them again. Never got a tracking number, but got my purchase in about 2 weeks. Be patient, they seem to be slow, but come through eventually.


@tbgolladay hit the nail on the head. I get the same thing. VERY slow sometimes even when tracking is uploaded, yet I have orders from them here at the house that are still pending in their system. I have come to expect slow from them. I have ALWAYS eventually received my orders, though.


I tried to buy something from them once........ once

You only get one shot to make me happy, screw me on a sale or product and I'll got to any other hundreds of sites that sell pretty much the same stuff within a nickle or dime of each other.


I've placed 1 order and received 1 order. Although a little slow, I got what I ordered.


On average it took about seven working days from / 1saleaday.

There were a few instances though where it took nearly two weeks (more or less) to ship.

Good deals, slow shipping guaranteed.


I recently ordered from them. I got a predictably fast charge to paypal, and then a surprisingly fast email with a tracking number for FedEx. And then nothing. The package sat there, and sat there, and sat there, with no movement. So I emailed them - contact link from their website - with all my info and asked them - politely - to either update me on my package or refund my money.

I never got a response, but the package showed movement the next day and I received it soon thereafter.