questionsare there any reputable companies left?


Costco is pretty good with their warranties and return policies.


So what was your opinion on La-Z-boy? Did you purchase or let the opinions sway you?


What did your research consist of? What sites did you check out? A site known to be neutral, such as Consumer Reports? If not, is there a way to verify if people who wrote reviews actually bought a chair of the model you're looking at?


@magic cave: I just did a generic google search. I clicked on 4 or 5 of them.

@xdavex: I'm still deciding, I'm just not as high about la-z-boy as I used to be.

I would also like to throw out a disclaimer that this isn't a lazyboy bashing post, it was just an example that I could easily use.


I don't know. I'd reckon you could just ask Garth Mader.

(I kid, I kid.)


I don't know if this is the case with La-z-boy or not, but there are brands who sell their names to shitty Chinese companies who capitalize on the former goodwill of the brand by selling substandard and inferior quality goods. This continues until people realize that it is no longer the same company making/selling products under the brand name.


@mybestuser1: Here's another vote for Costco. Also worth noting: they treat their employees like human beings & even pay a living wage.


What about the cast iron folks that make Lodge brand ? They seem pretty good. Look around. You will find them.
I think LL Bean has incredible customer service. Some of their stuff is priced a bit high. Most of their stuff is a better grade.
Some of the stuff is very nice. I bought a bed from them -- made in Vermont. Fantastic. And it really wasn't anymore then what I would of paid for something less well made.

There is no costco anywhere near me. I am green whenever anyone goes on and on about them ! I did watch a little documentary on the guy who started the company and still runs it. Quite interesting.Seems like a nice person.


COSCO is the best ....

Papa John's, the worst


@xarous: Funny beyond words. Kidding or not. Thank you!


@themattdunn: I wasn't wondering about Laz-E-boy bashing, just curious if you had purchased one.


@xarous: You may be joking, but you force choked the words right out of my mouth. :)


@ceagee: I really like L.L. Bean, been a customer from way back. I used to go to their store in Maine when I was going to college and we were looking for something to do on a drunk Saturday night. That having been said, they are also having quality problems as some of their stuff is made in China.

I saw that they make a rucksack in Maine, where I went to college (Brunswick). I was wanting to buy it, but I saw that:
1) Very expensive ($250)
2) Lots of complaints about quality: loose threads, pockets not sewed on straight, stitching loose.

I see that they have lowered the price to $199, and they have improved on the quality issue, but they are still having problems here and there.

EDIT: Link to product


I agree with the clubs being reputable in general. Sam's Club and Costco both. They both treat their customers well, their employees well, and their vendors fairly.