questionsanimation: do you prefer stop motion…


The Ghost in the Shell TV series. Anime style, I guess.


Hand-drawn, by Studio Ghibli! (Princess Mononoke, Nausicaa, Spirited Away, etc.)


It's good that I put the etc. on there. Forgot about anime, tend more toward manga. Loved Miyazaki's Howl's Moving Castle, inspired me to watch more in that style, although my favorite of those so far is The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, a non Studio Ghibli


There was a recent article in wired, about how they used a 3-D printer, to make a ton of facial expressions for the characters in that. Sorry, too tired to look for a link, but it was interesting.


Hand drawn but with rotoscoping,where they draw over top of real footage. A good example of this is Fire and Ice by Ralph Bakshi and Frank Frazetta from 1983. Best animated movie ever!


I love CGI movies when they are done by Pixar. Not so much when done by Dreamworks or any other studio. How to Tame Your Dragon was probably the only Dreamworks animated film that I really liked. The rest were a bit low-brow and brainless, imo.

I really do miss traditionally drawn animation. That's part of the reason I love The Princess and the Frog so much.


Don't care what style, as long as it's entertaining.
I do prefer claymation/stop-motion. Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline, Robot Chicken.
Looking forward to seeing Paranorman. On the fence about Frankenweenie.

I like CGI films. The Resident Evil and Final Fantasy: Advent Children are amazing.

@purplefeather: Your not alone. The dreamworks fils just don't grab me. HTTYD and Puss in Boots are the only 2 I enjoy.


@purplefeather: I agree. You will start to see more of the "traditional" animation coming back (at least for Disney). Rumor has it that the current CEO Bob Iger is going to be stepping down soon. Everyone is assuming John Lasseter will step in and take his place. John Lasseter started Pixar and is the COO of Imageneering at Disney now (brilliant fella). He is a big fan of the old school drawn animation. He is the one who made the Princess and The Frog happen. So you should start seeing more hand drawn animation coming out of Disney in the future.

Don't get me wrong, I think the CGI stuff is fantastic and as much as I love the traditional animation, Toy Story is probably my favorite "animation" movie of all time. It goes without saying that Disney would be my favorite studio.


I'm a fan of traditional hand drawn. What a great question this is - I hadn't stopped to think about it!


Fire and Ice sounds worth a watch if mood: heroic fantasy hits me, @bryantc I prefer hand drawn, although I thought Tangled succeeded as an effort to blend styles. I would have liked to see Brave done in that style. @purplefeather I agree about Dreamworks lacking in the story department, but I enjoy the Kung Fu Panda art and the flying sequences in How To Train Your Dragon were pretty amazing. It's fun when animated films use a different style for credits/flashback sequences.


I saw an article about 3D printing + ParaNorman as well @pickypickypicky , although it may not be the same one. I retweeted it so it was fairly easy to find: Has given me a 3D printer craving.


@lonelypond: I already had a jones for one, now I want to be sure Green/ Senrich get one too, for selfish reasons.
Article looks the same, BTW.


I don't favor any one type of animation (although motion comics drive me to distraction), I am more interested in a strong and appealing story, well defined and likeable characters, good direction and good voice casting.

Now I will admit that some endeavours are best told with a specific type of animation. For instance, can anyone imagine the TOY STORY films in hand drawn or stop motion and still being as strong as in CGI? Certainly Walt Disney's SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS would suffer as CGI or stop motion; and CORPSE BRIDE could never be so macabre or atmospheric without stop motion.

As for favorite studios my vote is for PIXAR. They have had the strongest output of stories told in animation since their first major motion picture. However, CARS 2 and BRAVE have been somewhat lackluster and underwhelming compared to their earlier track record. I am wondering if Disney is interfering and hindering PIXAR's usual boldness with their stories and characters.