questionswhy is it that the people with low reps are the…


Probably because the people with lower reps have not been around for very long so they are voicing opinions they are unaware of already being voiced. Also, woot would never get rid of their ability to ask questions because it/they want everyone to be included in the community and like bringing in new members, after all, that is what the site runs on. I don't really mind the new people asking questions and I don't think we should be as hard on them about some things as the community seems to be sometimes. They're just trying to join in the wonderful community of woot and figure things out for themselves. They just started a little be later than the rest of us. I say embrace them! One never knows who may post that next deal that one of us could utilize. New people means new knowledge.

On a side note, I'm really getting annoyed with all the lingerie talk, I just don't care anymore so can we all just walk away from it? If it's a deal post it, if not, please don't for everyone's sake.


Also, keep in mind that not all changes are made when they are first asked for and some ideas take different opinions to tweak them to the way that woot likes to utilize them. I know there were at least 3 or 4 threads asking for deals being lumped together before that was implemented. Someone adds a little bit to the idea here and there and perhaps eventually woot decides it would be a good thing to implement it. So I say, go easy on the new deals.wooters, we all were new to this side of woot at one point.


As a triangle of a different color, I feel that you are suppressing my right to free speech.

That's a joke, son. (said in my best Foghorn Leghorn voice)


I think @twerp02 has pretty much nailed it.

I've noticed on several of the AtC threads that some of the black triangles have other means of contacting the staffers, so it could be that you don't see posts for bans or changes from them because they've taken it direct.

I don't like the idea of preventing zero rep users from posting questions. Use the "tattle" function if you think something is inappropriate - I'm pretty sure that's why it exists.


@jagg3d3d93: I recognize the frustration of watching the ENDLESS back and forth over lingerie postings. Everything that can be said has been said, multiple times. It's rather like having a conversation with someone who has memory loss. You answer a question, and five minutes later, they ask it again, with a look on their face that says the thought is new to them.

I still must take gentle issue with your statements, which I understand were born in frustration. If you had suggested that questions should only be asked by people whose account had been around for longer than a day, or who had purchased something, I might have just held my peace. Everyone arrives at Deals with a zero reputation, no matter how worthy their contributions are on the Woot side, and no matter how great (or small) their knowledge of how the site actually works. You yourself have only been active for five months. Two months ago you were still asking how people became black triangles.




I do not think of black triangles as any sort of elite. For one thing, it shows longevity, lots of comments, and not necessarily wise ones at that. Please note that a high reputation does not necessarily correspond to the value we should place on someone's comments (BK is a black triangle), nor should the lack of reputation correspond to a lack of worth.

Everyone starts at the same place, here. Even though the focus has changed, I would hope that we could move on from worrying about which vendor or which type of deal is in or out of fashion, and just continue to be helpful when help was needed, and try to "accentuate the positive, and eliminate the negative."

Bond, James Bond. At your service.


Yeah, I know it can be a bit of a PITA to have a subject come up again and again, but I like to think of it as an opportunity to have the new folks meet the older members and get their feet wet. It also is an opportunity for them to realize that not every one shares their sense of embarrassment/shame/disinterest/delicate sensibilities, or what have you.
Every one is entitled to share their opinion with one another here as long as they are civil.
I'm not fond of being told that because I don't mind the lingerie deals (I'm loaded up on the frillies right now so I don't really glance at them) that I am facilitating the ruin of common decency and oh dear, think of the children! But I'm not going to tell some one they're wrong in their opinion against the deals.
Shrdlu's not fond of the deals; I don't give a rat's. I'm sure she filters. I don't. By repeatedly referring users to the filter system, I hope they'll get the hint that they are over reaching wanting to limit certain deals.


...all that being said, I WILL argue for the use of filters and against the use of censoring based on the fact that some pretty girls are showing off great legs, fanny and various other parts like one sees on public beaches.

Religious objections aside, I've always wondered if a great portion of the lingerie objections originate in Deals users lack of self confidence in their own appearance. With media and society expectations of perfection, the baggage we carry over our looks is damaging & unhealthy. I imagine looking at photos of unattainable airbrushed beauty or bodies can be quite defeating for some people who feel like they will never be like the ideal. I'll bet that's probably a great portion of us.


@lavikinga: Ackshully, as I've said multiples of times, over and over and over, I don't like them at all. Do I believe they shouldn't be posted? That decision is above my pay grade. Clearly Deals dot woot is making money (which is, after all, the point), it isn't illegal (also a point), and the vendors posting them are making money (or they'd stop). I was actually going out of my way to not comment (from this account; for the two people on the planet who don't know, jamesbondqbranch is me).

Just because I don't like something doesn't mean that the rest of the world has to conform. They won't, and they shouldn't.

I didn't like all the free deals that were posted, either. Million dollar islands are funny once, but that trick got old fast. Funny things (like the cheeseburger in a can) were great, but we've seen it.

Back to the main issue; every one starts out new. Every single one of us had a zero rep, once. Even me. Even La Vikinga. Even Jumbo Woot. Everyone.


@jamesbondqbranch: FYI of been with woot since early 2007 I didn't start listing on deals until 5 months ago which was after watching the community to see how it worked. Please note that I didnt mean to offend or degrade anyone it you have been around and seen my posts on the site I'm far from serious. In regards to your stayement that I asked how people became black triangles it wasn't how it was "at what level" a major difference. That is all I will address for now because I'm on my phone and grow tired of typing on a touchscreen.


This is hilarious!!! Holy crap is this funny. Oh my gosh I'm splitting a gut!

Hands down, the Number 1 answer given to the lingerie problem--no matter the color of someone's triangle--is, "Just ignore it, prude." Yet here we are with one of the elite complaining about all the lingerie complaints.

Well here you go dude...JUST IGNORE IT. And that goes for any AtC question that annoys you!

Hahahahaha...hypocrisy can be sooo funny.

I hope my triangle NEVER turns black! Okay, Lord, I apologize--I didn't mean that--please turn my triangle black someday.


I always thought that the people with the lowest scores asked for the most changes because they were the ones always complaining and thus got low scores because of it. I am sure they did not start out that way, but over time people get tired of complainers.


@foonatic: I... I actually agree with you on this.

But there's no reason to bring the Lord into this.


@foonatic: I think you totally misunderstood the comments you found so hilarious.

Not liking a certain type of complaint has nothing to do with wanting those messages barred from this site. Unsurprisingly, this tracks right along with not wanting to have deals that don't interest me barred from the site.

Just because one don't like something and say so doesn't mean one wants or expects it to go away. I see no hypocrisy at all, but perhaps you were looking harder for it than I am.

I don't see any hypocrisy here at all, but perhaps you were looking harder than I am.


The cynic in me feels very strongly that people comment on the lingerie posts to GET a black triangle. Make a comment that a lot of Wooters agree with and watch your rep soar, and what better place to make this happen than a lingerie post? Lots of activity and lots of people taking sides on the issue.


@puddinbooger: Yeah, look what happened to that "MOM!??" guy.

(FYI I just wooted your comment.)


@matthewjfazio: You're right. If I've learned anything in AtC, it's that the Lord and Lingerie don't mix.


@foonatic: Oh, I don't know about that. Every time I put on something black lacy my husband says "Oh, Thank you, JAYZUS!" And that is how we went forth and multiplied ;)


@lavikinga: I can't decide b/n too much information or not nearly enough. Either way, it's getting a little warm in here. I think I'll go home and make sweet friendship to my wife.


AND now THIS thread is OFFTOPIC!

JK. I think. :)


The majority of lame inquiries/complaints come from low-rep people because (a) the majority of deals.woot members aren't black triangles, (b) low-rep people spend the majority of their time reading deals rather than posting them, (c) all the black triangles who care posted months ago and no longer whine because the response was never fruitful.

Now, you darn black-triangle you, stop your insensate whining about white-triangles. Jeeze, why is it that people with high deals.woot rep are the ones who always ask for change or bans of white triangles?


@jumbowoot: Where's that pitchfork? :::muttermutter:::

@gregorylikescheapstu: You'll think like us soon too, my purple triangled friend. Just wait until you have been assimilated into the dark side. Bwahahaha. You'll be soulless like the rest of us. Burn all the White Triangles! Burn them I say!!! They are too pure for the likes of us! We have much jealousy! Burn them all!


@lavikinga: :D I'll never join you! No. No. That's not true. That's impossible! Noooooooo! :P


@gregorylikescheapstu: Face it, man. You're teetering on the brink of the abyss! Just relax and enjoy the fall.


@gregorylikescheapstu: Come to the dark side, gregory. We have cookies.


@gregorylikescheapstu: Stay here. It's so cozy in the Purple Palace. Over here there's no pressure to stay above 98.5% of the deals.woot populace. And we can bark at the black triangles as well as at the white. If a black triangle yells at another black triangle, it's like friendly fire. And if a white triangle yells at a black triangle, it's death! (Although I'm pretty sure it won't be via a pitchfork). But a purple triangle is like an invisible diplomat. Nobody is jealous of you, and at the same time, you can scream till you're blue at a black triangle, and nobody will tell you: "shut up! you're only a purple triangle!" (I'm just waiting for that comment now;)) ahh, the absolute bliss that exists here. OK bedtime for me zzzzzz


@moldyearwax: Because I must...

shut up! you're only a purple triangle!

Oh, that just made me so very happy. Somebody (I don't want to name names) may be off voting up random comments. snicker



"(from this account; for the two people on the planet who don't know, jamesbondqbranch is me)"

I don't believe this for one minute. I think you two are up to something and want us to believe you're just one person posting to both accounts. You guys think you're pretty smart, but you have to get up on the early side of the bed if I wasn't born yesterday.


I love ALL the colors in the Triangle box!

@marcoselmalo: You have a bed in two time zones???


@gregorylikescheapstu: We have cookies, milk and a Big screen tv to woot on. With boxes of random crap all around us. Come Come To the dark side.

About the nities runs maybe the poeple complaining are the are influx of Amish People now that are getting solar computers LOLOLOL
(That is a joke here in Amish country-That is like trying to sell them red Tupperware bowls not happening but we joke about it)

I think we should start postings the deals from that other site that sells jammies-you know the footie kinds and LONG flannel one. Apeal to everyones fetishes I say LOLOLOLOL


@coyhaven: ahh, but we have bacon. (It's artificial, and it's got an OU, it's kosher). Need I say anymore?


@moldyearwax: Kosher bacon??? I husband used to go into this lovely kosher deli when he was a kid living in Miami and ask for a BLT with Kosher bacon. He says it always threw the waitresses.


@lavikinga: There is indeed plenty of bacon that's kosher. It's just not made from pork. Silly rabbit, trix are for kids.


What I find interesting is that I have been trying to post some deals at [Wedit] that have been removed b/c for selling (after clicking around into the site) the exact same things as

Yet they don't apparently bat an eye at the majority of stuff in:

Something doesn't smell right.


@lavikinga: Well the truth is, I was thinking about Shoprite Bacon Bits. It's artificially flavored, and it's certified as kosher by the OU.(