questionswhat are some of the best martial arts movies of…


I just got done watching the 1st and 2nd IP Man movies on Netflix. They're great. The fight scenes are very well done. The story lines are even decent.

But my all-time favorite is Kung-Pow

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Are you kidding me. How could no one include Bruce Lee's- Enter the Dragon - Classic.


@mfladd: I like Way of the Dragon(Chuck Norris dies, only time I can remember him losing)more and wanted to keep my top five to one movie per actor if possible.


@capguncowboy: I loved both of those. I liked the first one better. The scene where he challenges everybody for rice and beats on one guy so hard his body keeps shaking from the blows is priceless.

Skip to 4:51 to see it. Quality of it is eh on youtube so rent it and enjoy it as it was meant to be seen.,


My favorites are and always will be:

(1992) Once upon a time in China: Part 2 (Jet Li, Donnie Yen, Rosamund Kwan)
(1983) Project A (Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung)

and of course, the Ip Man films are bar none the best to come out recently.


In addition to the other films mentioned, Hero was one of the most visually stunning films I have 3D required.

Another film I feel was underrated is Iron Monkey.


I second Enter The Dragon. Not mentioned, and a great film, is Kung Fu Hustle. Hilarious, and a great combination of traditional fights and Kung Fu meets The Matrix.


Kung Fu movies... so many. I LOVE cheesy kung fu, so almost anything from Rarescope is an auto-check for me. For serious movies though?
Legend of Drunken Master is pretty good.
I did enjoy Fearless, good fight scenes and I liked the story.
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was good the first time I watched it.
Ong-Bak or almost any movie by Tony Jaa, for the fights not the stories. Really, if I can get an alright story out of a Kung Fu movie, it just makes it better. I usually look for good technique, lack of wire-fu, and long fight sequences.


It was kinda brutal, but I really was stunned by Unleashed.


You must watch The Protector and Ong Bak

I Saw The Devil is an awesome Korean revenge film!


Not really the "best" Martial Arts movie, but when I thought of awesome fight scenes, this one came to mind immediately... and it's been years since I watched it. Definitely worth watching the original movie before Hollywood screws it all up.

Old Boy (part of the Vengeance Trilogy, the other movies being Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance and Lady Vengeance)


@sykotek: Old Boy is a sweet movie. Check out 'I Saw The Devil' if you haven't.


Pocket Ninjas FTW! This is such an underrated martial arts movie.
This movie will change your life. Think 3 Ninjas meets the sound effects guy from Bruce Lee's movies, they meet some homeless genius who does all the writing, add in the best freshman student from a mediocre film school for cinematography, and give a kid $10 to design a virtual reality game system and you have the AWESOMENESS that is Pocket Ninjas.

You will find yourself going around quoting lines from it, amazing lines like, "I feel something." and "well you're a fat republican" I almost wept while reliving those moments just now.

And with stars like Robert Z'dar and ...ummm ... Robert Z'Dar you know it is going to be a movie you will remember for the rest of your life (add dramatic tone)

Don't forget to watch this movie with friends and family, it makes the movie that much more awesome.

So don't bother reading anymore titles, pull up ebay or netflix and find Pocket Ninjas today.


What about Master Killer? anyone? Bueller?
Seriously, back in the day it was:
Master Killer 1 and 2
5 Deadly Venoms and the Return of the Venoms
and Kid with the Golden Arms.

All Time Classics!!


Greatest of all time is quite a statement. I will list a few recent movies I have seen and thought were pretty good.

As mentioned, the Ip Man movies are a showcase for some pretty awesome individual kung fu. The character is one of the coolest in movies.

The Good, The Bad and The Weird is a Korean spaghetti western that combines martial arts fighting with western shootouts. Funny movie at times and the three main characters really stand out with some good sequences.

Red Cliff: International Version (that means 5 hour, two disc bluray) is one of the best war movies I have ever seen. Great strategy, sweet individual combat scenes and amazing scenery.

There are plenty of older movies too but I'm sure others will bring them up. As much as I enjoyed a lot of them, they tend to blend together as time passes.


@curtisuxor: I'll second that - Hero and Iron Monkey are 2 of my favorites


I love the old shaw brothers movie: dirty ho(1979) five element ninjas (1982) Legendary weapons of china(1982) the 36th chamber of shaolin(1978) or any of it's sequels


"Karate Kid" enough said! :)


The Sword Stained with Royal Blood (1993)
Shogun Assassin (1980)
13 Assassins (2010)
Battle Royale (2000)(more asian thriller, but EPIC)
Sukiyaki Western Django (2007)

Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer were both hilarious and well done. Stephen Chow is amazing

The Ong-Bak line with Tony Jaa is really good. That little man can jump high...


@eeekdageek: Please tell me you're referring to the originals...


Thanks for all the input. I've seen a lot of them but some of those are new and I'll look them up. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who loves these movies.