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Here's a list of windows tablets with their prices:,or.rgc.rpw.&fp=fea53984f97763c7&biw=1218&bih=703


This may not answer your question directly, but personally I'd wait for a Windows tablet. Windows 8 will be designed with tablets in mind, Win 7 was not. From what I've seen 7 isn't ready for tablets. I bought a cheap droid tablet (the same one in yesterday's woot) to play around with until 8 is ready for prime time.


Windows 7 is not a horrible experience on a touch device. A stylus is very useful, but basic use of the Windows interface is pretty easy. There are some easy tweaks that can be done to Windows 7, such as increasing the size of the buttons, that help. In addition, there are several free Windows add-ons, such as Mouse Extender and Fences, that are really great on a tablet.

The one thing you do want to consider when buying a Windows tablet is the processor. The Atom processors, such as those used in netbooks, are very limiting. A few companies have the more powerful i5 processors in Windows tablets, or will have them soon. These processors provide a true computer experience. I own the ASUS EP-121, which is powerful, but the build quality is not top notch. Samsung has the Series-7 Slate coming out in a few weeks, which looks to be very good. Dell also has been rumored to have the Latitude ST/Peju coming out in October. Both the Dell and the Samsung are worth a close look.