questionswhy not add a feature to vote a user up or down?


I'd like a feature where instead of voting a person a down I could poke them in the eye through the internet. Hell, I'd pay for that feature...


@baronz: Good is relative. At the time of this comment, 11 people have deemed it not a good question.


Right, but I think my question raises a valid issue on "measuring" people. It's a good question, and it's already voted well into negative.

How do you separate this from a troll?


Not to harsh on your idea, but people already do this by reflexively downvoting posters no matter what they post. (I'm not judging people, we have a voting feature, that's how some people use it. Simple facts.) Why so negative, folks? Close the window, back space, move on.


@falcondeal: Hmm, true...

I didn't troll on the last guy who made a stupid comment in response to something I said to educate our fellow wooters on prices, I just down-voted and moved on with my life.


Those same people who like to make those inappropriate comments would have a field day with that feature....


That would put trolling to a new level! Also seems a little vindictive.