questionswhat can i do?


If you are already on the DNC list there isn't much you can do. You can ask each one to remove you from their call list. Legally they have to but realistically they probably won't.

So really, your only option is to find a way to payback Sherry.


I would say get on the DNC list, but you're already there. Just tell each person who calls to remove you from the list. Sounding angry/ threatening helps, but I'd do this just if it's a repeat call. Explain your situation, that someone put your number instead of theirs and ask to be removed. Mentioning you're on the DNC list helps too.

It's still a bit of a pain, but is generally effective.


I would add an App to block calls if you have a smart phone. It will not stop the 1st call from a number, but you can block any subsequent ones.


I realize this is a bit extreme, but if it gets unbearable you could change your phone number.

If you are getting text spam now, keep a close eye on your phone bill. We have had problems in the past with texts that ask you to subscribe for a fee and then start charging us even though we never responded.


@morriea: Know of any of them that are good/free? It's usually the same numbers that are calling.


@eraten: i do not have a smart phone, but my phone offers an option to block callers. it is in the phone settings menu.



I use this one, but I do not know if your phone is Android or not. It works fine and uses community input to add numbers that will be blocked automatically.


@eraten: I use Blacklist Free for android and it does a pretty good job of stopping calls once I get their number on my list, but some of the calls I get are from phone number "-1" which it can't block. I need to try @morriea's app and see if that works better.


You don't really need an app on android. Once they've called once, you can just do an "Add to contacts" (long press, choose from menu) from the entry in the call log. Stick all of them in one contact (I call mine "Spam"). Open the contact, hit the menu key, go to Options, and set "Incoming calls" to "Send calls directly to voicemail". They almost never are set up to leave a message, so this stops it pretty well without any excess junk on the phone.


@moosezilla: Thread hijack: THANKS! Also: YOU'RE A LITTLE CRAZY (in the best possible way)!


Thanks a lot for the responses everyone! I'm going to try @morriea's suggestion and see if this app does the job. I really like the idea of a community list of known spam numbers, and it even blocks texts! If that doesn't work I'll try @samstag's suggestion.

@psaux I'm a little behind and only running gingerbread on my android, it doesn't seem to have that function, but if/when I upgrade I'll look for that feature.

lasty @dragonsfire82, one of the original contractor's did leave her address in a voicemail. It was suggested by several friends to post a nice car to Craig’s list for an attractive but believably cheap price at her address, with instructions to go to the front door as the seller won't take phone calls. That would be some good payback, but I'm sure it was an honest mistake and she's probably elderly :)

Again thanks for the quick responses everyone, hopefully this will prevent some if not all of my spam calls.


Have you considered the gutters?


@eyeflytwohigh: I like my gutters dirty!
We got a cell phone for my kid and the calls looking for the dude who had the phone were evil. They would harass my kid trying to find the previous user, we complained to Verizon and the would block this and that number for free, but in the end we got a different number.


THIS HAPPENED TO ME!!! It started a few months ago. The alleged person's name was "Todd". They were calling me every 5 minutes. I immediately signed up for the do not call list. I changed my answering machine message to say "Hi, you've reached Abramokids. NOT TODD! blahblahblah" I still get calls, but FAR less (once every two weeks)
If you answer the phone, be sure to tell them: "There is no Sherry here. There has never been a Sherry here. Take me off your list" It helps about half the time (if they speak english)


Sign up for the national do not call registry.

Also any time a telemarketer calls ask to be removed from their calling list. Their are technically require by law to comply.

Also if you are on android it is pretty easy to block numbers.


Do you have a toddler? They can handle calls pretty well sometimes. :)


@eraten - If you have Sprint, you can sign up for Google Voice (free) and use it with your Sprint number (I guess Sprint and Google have some sort of contract going on, as I was able to do so about 1.5 - 2 years ago). Google Voice allows you to very painlessly block any unknown numbers, and you can also block any actual phone number through their service as well.


@thefowles1: Google Voice is not carrier specific. Anyone can get it. Even without a cell phone. The number can be used on a tablet for example.


@morriea: Correct, but only Sprint users can keep the same phone number for both their phone and GV.


I have Ooma premium for my home phone. This is probably why I did not any political calls this year, hmmm, anyway.
How you can make this work for you.
Get Ooma premium. Port 2 numbers (if you have a house phone) and the cell number would be your secondary number.
Turn on community black list.
Get a new number for you cell
On Ooma forward your incoming calls to your old cell number to the new cell number.
This cost the Ooma device, 40 per ported number plus 13 a month for basic+premium service.