questionsi've got an upgrade in 2014 (verizon) but would…


used on craigslist. That's where I sell my old Iphones.


Check (the pre-screen all phones for ability to activate),, and eBay.


Be careful when buying a used Note 2. There have been reports of a lot of fraud.

What happens is someone buys the protection plan and then sells the phone. They later report it as stolen (this could be months after you bought it) and they get a new one from the protection plan after paying a small deductible. The protection plan company then registers the IMEI number as being stolen and your device never works on the network again.

Also, many of those international unlocked versions you find on eBay may sound nice but be aware that they use different frequencies internationally and you will not get high speed data on the US networks. It will be at edge or 2G speeds and nobody wants data that slow.


24 hours and no reply of any kind from the OP. I'm shocked.


I've chased down all these leads (the reason for my delay magic cave--thanks for noticing) and I wanted to let you all know that I've met with relative success! I haven't bought one yet--heeding cengand0's warning on that--but thank you to all who provided me with some constructive leads! As of now, I remain open to more suggestions!