questionsdid you see that @lichme is in charge of posting…


@lichme has always went farther beyond minimum expectations, and his wootstalker is wonderful.


I think it's awesome. His version is beyond what I hoped for when I came with the idea a couple weeks ago.

YAY @lichme!!


Just hope all his extra hard work is being well compensated!


It's really very nice of him and I think it's a unique addition to things! Thanks lichme!


NICE! It makes it sooooo much easier.

Thanks, @lichme!


The sheer volume hurts my brain. But it's a nice resource.


Heh I was going to post the link to wootstalker in TT's First thread but I didn't want to break her heart with all the hard work she had been doing. (I also didn't want to have to type in my login credentials but more so the first reason) Since she seems to not mind, I'll go ahead and say way to go @lichme.


@cowboydann: agree that the info is out there but not everyone uses wootstalker. (sorry @lichme)

Also, the approach that I wanted to take was specially the categories - to pull like items together. I think this makes scanning easier. No kids? Skip Baby. Not interested in a TV, skip that. Looking for a Dyson? You can see the new models on Home and the ones we are closing out on Sellout in one place. No other 3rd party site does that.

I think that's the value added in the new Plus thread.