questionswhat are your favorite firefox add-ons?


adblocker plus is my favorite...though I don't have many installed.


GreaseMonkey is pretty nifty.


>Adblock Plus is a definite must.
>CacheViewer is handy for (easily) snagging things that folks don't want you to download
>Gmail Manager makes life grand when you have separate google accounts - I have 3 personal & 2 work google accounts that I prefer to keep completely separate. this allows me to be notified for any message on any of them & allows 1-click entry to each account.
>MultirowBookmarksToolbar is a HUGE favorite. I tend to keep a bajillion bookmarks (pics only, I delete the text) I cram the Firefox buttons & search bar into 1 line and have 2-3 lines of bookmarks. That being said, I would hate this on a small netbook.
>Statusbar Clock: shows the date & time (in a format of your choice) in the statusbar of Firefox. At work and at home, I tend to spend alot of time within Firefox and often don't use the mouse for much (love shortcut keys) so having the date/time show is great. You'll need net savvy to make it work w/the current version of Firefox though - Google it.


Along with some of the others mentioned, I like

"NoScript" so I decide which java scripts will run on websites.

"Better Privacy" that permits me to control those virtual cookies (or whatever they are called) that are loaded on your HD instead of in the browser cookie folder.

"McAfee SiteAdvisor" to get a little more safety information on links returned in a search.

"Print Edit" - I LOVE this. Lets me format the page before I print it so I only print what I want and not all the extra junk. Real ink saver.

"Xmarks" (but for bookmarks only) to keep my booksmarks in sync on the desktop and laptop.

"Add to Amazon Wish List Button" which I use instead of bookmarks for things that look interesting.

"Craigslist Image Prefetcher" so I can see the images at the size I want without clicking the link.


@eremita: Print Edit sounds great. Installing now, thanks!


Fast Dial and definitely Adblock Plus


AdBlock Plus, NoScript, Greasemonkey, Stylish, Flashgot


Siphon - Sync Add-ons - So you have the same add-ons on all of your machines

Morning Coffee - Basically the same as multiple home page function in Firefox, but doesn't open everytime you launch Firefox. Launches from icon in menu bar.

Firefox Sync - Syncs bookmarks, history, tabs, and passwords. But I only use it for bookmarks.


Most of my add-ons are for researching websites, my own and others: Alexa Sparky, Search Preview, Firebug, Page Speed and Web Rank Toolbar


Another vote for "AdBlock Plus".

Just added "InvisibleHand" for actual use and "Ghostery" out of curiosity. (Thanks @magic cave for the heads up.)

Also, since I'm looking into international travel, being able to convert prices without constantly going to a currency converting site is helpful, so I installed "Forex Currency Converter".

@eremita: "Print Edit" sounds great, but I haven't checked it out yet. Will probably add it.


In addition to the ones already mentioned, I also use Tree Style Tabs ( and ScreenGrab! ( a lot.

@eremita: Thanks for the "Print Edit" rec! I spend way too much time reformatting pages in Word...


Expand Short Url so I can look before I click.

View Cookies lets you see & delete cookies for just the current web page.

Both are @gatzby recommendations


MultirowBookmarksToolbar so it can expand to 2 rows.


@thunderthighs: I am off to get View Cookies. I need that one.


From a design viewpoint:

- Colorzilla: An eyedropper to get the hex code of any pixel (color) on the web page.
- Web Developer: View/Disable specific styles (CSS), Javascript, specific images, highlight any text/area and view the specific style applied there, etc.

- SearchStatus: view PR and Alexa for current page in your statusbar

- Tab Mix Plus: better tabs management/control
- Favicon picker: I'm anal about my little favicons in my bookmarks toolbar and like being able to pick my own
- Download statusbar: Replaces the annoying downloads popup with a very handle statusbar w/ lots of options
- Autofill Forms

And of course, AdBlock Plus.


IE Tab Plus: So I don't have to actually use IE
Colorful Tabs: Ads color to the tabs. Just makes it look nicer.

And AdBlock Plus


TinyURL generator is handy for capturing and sending out lengthy URLs.


STOP! Hammertime! is awesome.

Download Status Bar

If you use a lot of "common" on-line forums or info sites: Bug Me Not

DownloadHelper (if you want to save vids)

Add Book Mark Here

Fetch Text URL if you're a LastFM fan

Google Redesigned

Nuke Anything Enhanced

Paste and Go

Smart Bookmarks Bar (ESSENTIAL if you have a buttload of toolbar bookmarks)

And - of course - Woot Watcher!


@thefenst: If you Twitter this is a great script:

If you use a laptop in the dark / dim light a lot I suggest looking for the script "FFFFFF to EBEBEB" - it turns all glaring white to a much more tolerable gray


My favorite add-ons are:
AdBlock Plus

That's about it, I'm not big on add-ons.


@eremita: Thanks for the tip on Print Edit. I'm headed there now to try it!


@msklzannie: Ghostery is great fun: I can now block every tracking site as I go. One caveat: it seems to get in the way of accessing some site, such as bigfishgames and gamehouse, so I just hit the "unblock" option while I was on those sites.


I use IE 3.0 for all of my needs.


Tab Kit, besides ABP, is by far the best add on. Some of the best features:

- Group tabs, manually or automatically
- Vertical tab tree, like Tree Style Tab
- Multi-row tabs
- Easily duplicate tabs and groups and copy/move them between windows by dragging
- Scrollwheel tab switch
- Highlight unread tabs (and emphasise current tab)
- Switch tabs on hover


ThunderThighs covered some of mine. I also love Tab Mix Plus and Stumbleupon.


@packman711: You might want to give Netscape Navigator a try. ;-)


Going through my list (excluding those that were already mentioned):

Firebug: very helpful for debugging JavaScript and CSS. A must for web developers/nerds.

Flashblock: Replaces Flash objects with a big button that the user has to click before the flash object will play. Very useful for opening multiple tabs of YouTube. (Kind of made obsolete by certain NoScript settings, but I still keep it around because it does it's job well).

Session Manager: I'll just use the add-on's description: "Session Manager saves and restores the state of all windows - either when you want it or automatically at startup and after crashes. It can also automatically save the state of open windows individually."

I like it because it's good for reopening crashed sessions (the user can choose which, if any, of the previously opened tabs/windows to open again).


I use many of the previous suggestions. I limit ad tracking, including flash cookies. This also protects privacy. I use keyscrambler to defeat keystroke loggers. I was surprised that no one mentioned AutoPager
I do not have to page through a thread, I just scroll down the page and it adds the next page at the bottom.

Hi, @shrdlu, except for a few threads on this side the site has not been very useful.


Adblock plus (ad blocker), destroy the web (KILL!!), web of trust (site safety ratings), noscript (blocks scripts from automatically running), and lastpass (password manager). Tab Kit sounds cool I might install that next.


Here's my list: (FF5)

-AdBlock Plus

Added Features:
-Amazon Wish List Button
-Invisible Hand
-TinEye Reverse Image Search

-Download Statusbar
-FasterFox Lite

-Download Helper