questionshow about a recommendation on surround sound…


The biggest thing to consider when picking out a surround system is your budget. You can spend as little as $75 for a system that you'll throw away after a few years or as much as a few thousand that you'll keep for ten.

Here's a useful guide that will give you a rough idea of what you want vs the money you'll spend for it.;bg_l


Without knowing your price range, it's difficult to make recommendations. However, last year I ordered an Onkyo S6300, and it's been the best surround sound system I've ever bought.


Yeah, give us some info on what you're looking to spend. There are multiple ways to go and it all hinges on the money.


Budget wise - $250-500.

Changing my address recently has netted me a nice %10 coupon to Best Buy, so factor that into the budget as well.

I have a nice blu-ray/dvd player so I don't think I need the 5-disc changer station I see a lot of systems come with.

Also, anyone have any experience with wireless sound systems?


For ~$350:

For ~$550 here's what I would do:

The $300 is going to be good for movies, and listening to music will sound good. For the $600 selection, you will not believe your ears. You could probably save $100 by finding a different amplifier on sale or something, but the $600 setup will seriously blow you away.


By the way the amazon deals I posted may only be good for today -- they're having a home theater sale...


I won't recommend anything to you but I will give you this personal anecdote:

About 3-4 years ago I bought a HTIB. It was an Onkyo s505 or something 7.1 that retailed around 500, I think I paid 350 or so. Sounded great to my surround virgin ears.

Last fall my apartment was hit by lightning. Had to replace my receiver. So I bought a Pioneer 1019 Retailed around $500, as I was buying a year old model, I paid 380 (I see the price has gone up).

Once I set it up, the sound blew me away. Same speakers from the HTIB, but by just upgrading the receiver my sound was significantly improved.

These days I am looking into purchasing a pair of System Audio speakers which start around $700 a pair and go way up from there (if anyone has experience, let me know!

I lied, I will recommend some speakers to you. Fluance. Canadian, cheap price, great quality. Check Cnet.


I own the Bose Cinemate Series 5 speaker system. HIGHLY recommend for a small room, but I'm not sure what your situation is.

is on sale for $115 at Newegg with promo code EMCKDJF75

Add the klipsch speakers to it and you've got yourself a system.