questionshave you seen wootstalker tee trade?


Were you able to at least recover some of the logic from the original or did yo recreate from scratch?

eta: spelled "Browse" wrong ;)

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@j5: It was done from scratch. I only used the site once or twice, so I hope I didnt miss a lot


More feedback.
Here because this is your domain more than the mains.

One of the things of Ur-TT was the merit system. People could vote you up or down depending on success of trade.

Looks great so far, though.

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@j5: That was on my list of stuff to come. The reason it wasn't on the high priority list to add is because everyone I looked at had a 5 star rating (no votes). It will be something on the to-do list though.


Sweet! I'm about to post a bunch of shirts I have lying around.


@coreyking: Psh, you don't know my life. You're not even my real father!!!


Could you add options for hoodies? and maybe other random items like the backpacks and bags? I have at least 1 hoodie I would like to trade, and probably another one next week when the new randoms show up.
A small comment section could also be useful, so you could list colors, artists, themes, etc you are interested in trading for if there isn't a particular shit you are looking for.


@metaphore: The site will already allow you to add non shirts (tested with a backpack), the only problem that is presented there is the "Shirt Size". I have added an "Other" option soon that can be used for non apparel.

There is a comments section when you add your item so you can specify what you are looking for in your trades. Are you talking more about a forum type feature?


@lichme: I guess I'm a dummy and asked for things that were already there just because I didn't see them but didn't try posting something to see if they were there first. =\


Maybe the ability to edit...


@metaphore: Added under the My Trades - View/Edit/Remove Listing


Posted a hoodie, very smooth. Thank you, @lichme. And thanks @bluchez for my previous happy t shirt trades.


I had not poked my nose in for a bit. It has really expanded and looks great. Looks like I need to check in more often. I have a couple shirts I will list soon.


Thanks for setting this up, I was on my teetrade account a couple weeks ago and had no idea the site shut down. I'll have to put some of mine up. I was one of the few people who actually did use the rating system, I always tried to give feedback on my trades.


Good lord, when did tee trade go down? Granted, I haven't used it in over a year, but I'd been there recently (I'd swear). Does anybody know why? I have about a million tee shirts that I don't need to have, so this is bad news and good news simultaneously. Site looks really good; soon wootstalker will be all things to all people.