questionswhat should i do with my signed lance armstrong…


I'm not sure if his stuff was really worth all that much in the first place compared to other famous athletes. I'd say keep it, it'll be a good conversation piece in the future, and I'm sure with all the controversy it might still have some value left.


You could let me have it. :)


Save it to wear to Cooperstown to watch Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens get inducted into the Baseball HOF.


I'll put it next to my Pete Rose hat. Charlie Hustle gets no respect.


sue him for the lost value of the hat.


Take it to Pawn Stars. Even if it's worthless, you'll be on TV. Which is totally still the American Dream.


There is still a market, but not sure it was ever really worth a lot. I got a signed photo (one that I took the day before) from Floyd Landis. He even realized that it was taken during the time trial and spent a couple minutes talking with me. (of course this was 8 years ago). I'd put the hat right next to the signed photo of Landis. Cycling rules (no matter how corrupt).


Send it to USADA in an evidence bag...


Eat it while someone records and then post the video on Youtube.


Wear it when you mow the lawn, work on your car, etc.


Some day it'll be worth something. There will always be someone that feels he got a raw deal, was still great, etc., and you can make a profit off them.

Of course, this could take 20 years or more.


Change your name to Lance Armstrong and wear it proudly.


There are some interesting answers here. I don't think I can eat a hat though.