questionswho's got plans for new years?


New Year's Eve, going to a friend's house to play cards and eat too much.
New Year's Day, going to a relative's house with the extended family to play Bunco, watch football, and eat too much.


Head to my brothers every year for New Years. Plan on eating and drinking A LOT! Then use Wednesday to recover and regret eating so much while working on my New Years resolution to lose weight.


I'll be watching woot! at the stroke of midnight so I can get the secret New Year BOC! Or not.


Ever since I was in a car accident on New Year's Eve years ago (I was being responsible taking a taxi but, alas, the taxi driver was not being responsible at all and both the taxi and my face went smash), I have established a tradition of staying home alone, drinking a bottle of good champagne or sparkling, eating a bit of happy-fun-times-wink-wink snackery, and alternating between reflecting somberly on the past year and dancing ridiculously around the house. It's good times. Then my best friend's name day is on New Year's Day, so I spend the afternoon/evening with her every year that we are both in town.


Every year I make a seafood dinner for us (me, wife, child and my mom if she's here). Then, well... not much of a social life for us, and I'm usually the only one who is up late.. so from there it's pretty much like any other night.

Pretty sad :-(


One of my friends is having a combination New Year's party/housewarming/karaoke blowout. I'm there for the karaoke, of course.


I'll be putting my 2 kids to sleep around 8, drinking a glass of sparkling apple cider at 10 because 12 is just too late anymore and maybe watching a movie with the hubby. Yes, we're wild and we know it.


None. I'm cursed to never participate in new year celebrations for the rest of my "natural" life. It all started about six years ago on a cold December night.


Quiet night, fun dinner, favorite movie, ball dropping at midnight, etc. No Dick Clark will be the sad kind of different.