questionswhy can ship to pa but woot! can't?


It's my understanding that it's not woot that's shipping the wine to each state, it's the winery. And if the winery doesn't have a license to ship to a specific state, then it doesn't happen. That's why the state list is different with each wine.woot offering.


I am not a lawyer but could it be that some states do not allow you to sell to their residents from a company located in another state? has a different distribution network where they have fulfillment centers in multiple locations possibly getting around this issue.

Notice when you visit it immediately asks which state you're shipping to. Then, they will show you the products that are offered to that state. This may be due to the different items available in each warehouse in each of those states.


It must be they have some workaround, probably as described above. Please see this map on that shows which states allow direct shipment of wines:

On a happy note, the number of states that do not allow direct shipment are getting fewer and fewer. Maybe things will change in some of these states, but OTOH maybe not. Virginia just took a giant leap backward and disallowed direct shipments.


Some states limit the number of outside wineries (and breweries and distilleries) that can be brought into the state for sale. I know my state, Michigan, limits what breweries are allowed to sell here, for instance, in order to help protect our local breweries. I'm not entirely certain they need the help, but Michigan is supposedly known for its great amount of breweries and varieties of beer, so that influences the decisions, I'm sure.


Each state has laws on which wine can and cannot come into the state. Perhaps the wine woot has is not on your states list but the one on is. Also I heard rumor certain adult items can't be shipped to my state but supposedly some adult company forget which was in the story will ship it here just because they hate the legislation and pays some kind of fine. Dunno the truth to that though. But, could be another reason wine will and not woot.