questionscan you help me find the best pepper spray?


Wife carries this:

The keychain is nice because when I drive her car, I cannot stand huge things on the ring, and this detaches like a boss. It's got a nice stream, she's never used it (thankfully), but I made her try it to get a feel for it.

Let's just say I would hate to be at the other end.


Thanks! They have the same one in black probably going to get that one, I just started some night classes so thought it might be a good thing to have.


@missallergic123: can't hurt unless you point it in the wrong direction!


Pepper spray, or OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) spray's active ingredient is capsaicin. The same thing that makes peppers hot. The industry standard for strength is going to be the Scoville heat unit (SHU). For some reference

Pepper Spray = 1 million and up
Habanero chili = 200,000
Jalapeno pepper = 4,000
Banana Pepper = 1,00

The 'hotter' or higher SHU the more effective it will be at disabling an attacker, however not all brands list it. Some are blended with other agents such as CS (Tear Gas) for further effectiveness.

Another item to consider is the spray pattern. Does it shoot in a stream, a cone, a foam, or other delivery. A stream will shoot further and is less effected by wind, but you have to be more accurate with it (think super-soaker there) while a cone gives you more area but because it's spread out can blow back easier. A foam clings to the attackers face very well, but they can also scrape it and fling it back at you.


ahem, to continue..

One thing you might consider is calling up the local police department and asking what brand they carry. Often times a brand will have a range of sizes appropriate to both law enforcement, and civilian carry.

If you've never experienced pepper spray before, I'd also recommend becoming familiar with the effects. Go outside and spray some on a wall, or a fence, or something and see how it effects you just being around it. You'll have a better idea of what to expect if you ever have to use it. I don't suggest spraying yourself full on in the face unless you're really masochistic. I had to do this as a training exercise and the trainers had a laugh at us fighting over the water hose.

Hope this helps, and I commend you for being proactive in your personal safety.


@paladin656: Thanks for all the useful info. I did not know about the SHU or CS rating on those would be so different. Knowing is half the battle!


Which ever one you use - know that even the strongest one could possibly not effect your attacker. I am in law enforcement and have been personally sprayed in the face w/ OC spray (kind our department uses) during training. Some of my coworkers cried like babies - and some didn't even bat an eye. For me it was really painful and I was unable to see for 15 minutes - even after hosing my eyes down. Now - imagin you spraying it at an attacker. He doesn't feel a thing - but the wind blows some back in your eyes. That has happend to people. My advice? Get your CCW and carry a gun. I carry a Smith and Wesson 340PD .357 revolver. It weighs 12oz and is super tiny - but packs a mean punch. A .357 bullet - placed correctly - effects everyone the same....


@drchops: I actually have that Kimber model. Haven't had to use it, thankfully. I picked it up during a special at


Well, remember the old saying, you get what you pay for.
As far as key chains go, I would recommend the Wildfire 18%, or the Pepper shot 10%. Both are sold here :
I carry one of the pepper shots with me on my key chain.
However, The BEST in my personal opinion is either
1. A Pepper Spray Gun like this one :
2. A 2oz. Fox Flip top (cone fog) pepper spray like this one :