questionshas your job ever made something mandatory that…


I'm also temtped to get my lips re-pierced. Why not? I've got a mask on now. I can do whatever I want!!! I'm thinking the mask thing is turning me into a rebel..
So has your job ever done something that backfired big time?
P.S- They had the lowest number of flu shot participants in years.. Guess no one likes being told what to do..


You could look up all of the personalized masks they had in China during the SARS outbreak - get creative!

I had one employer try to institute a strict "no smoking on company property" policy with a policy that requires you to stay on site during your lunch break... It did not go over well. But the front gate guards had a lot of company on smoke breaks.

BTW - This is my first year in the last 10 that I haven't gotten my flu shot. I watched my Mom and 4 people she works (traveling in home hospice care) with get seriously sick 3 days after their flu shots. Every one of them had 103+ fevers, hallucination, and were severely sick for 3 days. So... I skipped it.


My husbands previous boss, told him that the new company policy was mandatory work on alternating Saturdays. This paid on a per job basis, rather then hourly wage, so it meant spending 6 hours doing nothing, and not getting paid, 9 out of 10 times. Since my husband had made it clear upon being hired, that he was not regularly available for working on Saturdays, he quietly informed them that, for every Saturday he worked, HIS new policy was to have the option of taking the following Monday off. Which worked! They began asking him to work the Saturday half the time they had been, and scheduled regular work for him, and him alone, on the Saturdays he was scheduled to work. His boss was such an ass, it actually gained him respect, that someone stood up to him.


At the real estate office where my mother works, it was made mandatory that agents have (or create) a Facebook account and "like" the company. Seriously. They backed off when my tough old mom refused to join Facebook and questioned the legality of it all.


Closest thing to a backfire for me was a job where I was fired for arguing with my boss that all VGA cables are the same. She wanted to know why I wasn't using the ones in the box when replacing monitors. She didn't like my defiance. She 'left' the company just a few months later. EVERYONE there loved me, so when the news broke, even human resources was out to get her.


One of my old bosses many years ago made the staff take an IQ test. I was super young, didn't know any better plus I'm pretty smart so I didn't care at all. Meh whatever I thought...I'll outsmart you.

Meanwhile someone in my department very smartly notified HR and my boss got in a heap of trouble.