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With Battlefield 4 coming out soon, it makes me sad that EA is still set in its ways with Origin. Such a clumsy non-reliable piece of crap software...

And I loved BF1942, BF2 and BF3... Oh well I guess I'll go back to COD... Wait, that sucks now too.


Well, I'm not sure I would call them the worst company in America's history. But they do indeed suck.


I buy a lot of video games, but I had to go back to 2010 to find the last time I bought an EA game. I thought they were trying to turn things around back in 2008 when they were releasing good new IP like Dead Space and saving games like Brutal Legend and Ghostbusters from Activision's axe. But they quickly went back to sucking the life out of the industry.


I'm not even a gamer and I hate EA.


Stupid. EA worse than Bank of America, which makes headlines regularly with how bad it is? People are stupid.


Just a case of nerd rage. Bad timing of the survey, etc.


Oddest looking bracket.

The fact that EA beat out BoA proves there's something fundamentally flawed with the survey or the people being surveyed.


EA is far from a "good" company as they get, but whenever I've had a problem with one of their products it seemed to me they bent over backwards to fix it. I mean I bought BF3 and played it for like everyday launch week and one of the bazillion updates to origin rendered my account unplayable, and after like 10 calls to customer service (they only do 1 case per agent per call/ and the first 9 agents hadn't quite managed to get their heads out of their butts) I was given a new account with BF3 premium, Dead Space 2, and Crysis 2.
My vote for worst company has to go to Exxon after seeing the crap flowing out of their pipeline in Arkansas, I can't imagine what I would do if I had their tar sands flowing past the front of my house like that...


@editorkid: I would not go as far as stupid, but at the end of the day banks can not be avoided. Games companies can. If I want to avoid EA I do not buy EA. If I want to avoid BA my loan may be sold to them without my consent.

The government has never bailed out a gaming company. If EA was that bad stop buying their crap.


@kamikazeken: Guess that's why it's their second year in a row....


EA sucks I'm glad they got the golden poo award again.


@andrewhallze: The first nine calls resulting in nothing happening doesn't sound like "bending over backwards" to me. If they really bent over backwards that first tech would have stayed with the case until you were satisfied with the outcome.


I've had various problems with EA going back the Commodore 64 days.

I don't boycott them but I won't buy any of their games until they've been out long enough to go on sale for cheap AND they have to have good reviews on Gamespot etc.


Not saying that EA is a good company by any means, but I'm surprised they're ranked as the worst. I was also surprised to see the Ticketmaster beat Carnival after their multiple disasters over the past several months. And seeing how high Comcast ranked makes me happy that they're not even available here.


E....A....Sports....It's in the game.


I just don't see how EA can beat out the likes of Union Carbide, Standard Oil, Monsanto, Enron, and AIG. EA hasn't exploded or extorted or poisoned anyone, nor defrauded millions of investors. They just pissed off a bunch of gamers.
Short memories, I guess.


@lotsofgoats: They admit they can do better, but I see no mention on how they are to achieve that. While I don't think they are the abysmal horror of companies, I do believe they are a horrible gaming company with bad customer service.


Oh well. They publish good titles so there is no getting away from them. As long as they are DICE's publisher they will get my money.
There is no getting around them except just not playing the games they publish.

I myself am pumped for BF4. Can't wait. NO to decide which console to get it on. Durango or PS4.
(Don;t start a console/PC flame war)


I do love Battlefield 2 and 3, but i also get tired of having to constantly pay for the better content. and if you don't pay, you can't play multiplayer because your system wont acesss the servers anymore. thats pretty lame.

and as a HUGE fan of the Mass Effect franchise, i hate they way they phoned in the 3rd one. same planets and levels as the second one, with no new content except the Prothean team member (which you dont get unless you pay $10 extra for him) and topped off with a stupid ending. screw you EA


@xarous: They definitely derped some things, SimCity being the most recent egregious error, but how are we defining customer service here? Customers vote with their money, so complaints are largely irrelevant until revenues go down. That's not to say that a company can entirely ignore its base, but I don't think that's really the case with EA.

The guy has a point when it comes to being deemed the worst company in America. I mean really, a little dramatic.


I am not fond of EA but I can't stop playing The Sims.


Look, this is The Consumerist. As above, nerd rage. Also, very bad timing on the part of EA. About a year ago (at the time of the last vote) the bad feelings from the debacle that was the ending of Mass Effect 3 was fresh in many geeks minds. (It is unclear if that was Bioware being clueless, or EA, but the big suspicion was that EA forced a quick ending to the game in order to get it out the door). This year the total cock up around the launch of SimCity just happened.

BofA is just inept, and at least Comcast is appearing to try (they now have an application for VoD on the Xbox 360 that is pretty good). EA just continually gives the finger to their users. What did they blame this on? The fact that one can (if one chooses) to play a homosexual character in some games (Mass Effect and Dragon Age). Nice try, EA.


@scmtim: I agree, but if I remember right like half the reps didn't know they could add games to accounts server side, they almost all insisted on me making a different account and adding it that way. So there is probably 7-8 variations of my account with either BF3 or the other two games I mentioned on it, and upon trying one of those variations I found out they're all still good.


@wilfbrim: Wow. No. BofA is not "just inept." I see the problem here.


Funny enough - EA doesn't care. I mean they do, but until people stop buying their games and supporting them no amount of Mass Effect 3 ending sucked, origin is terrible, always on is corrupt, we stop them from putting out subpar games.

However as long as Reddit and 4Chan exists, EA will continue to make money hand over fist.