questionshave you ever bought items from china?


I have bought many dress ties directly from China. Most have been very well made and they make many of the fancy Italian-made ties look a little cheapish...


I find this question unanswerable, much like being asked if I've ever eaten in a restaurant and if so, did I like the food.


Getting an Engrish vibe here. Any one else? I keep feeling like the woot fortress walls are being tested for an attack.


I buy many item of China, most of America company that uses China's cheap labor market to increase stock holder return. Quality is less then so so.
Why you ask?


It never used to bother me, but for the last year or so I don't buy from China if I can help it. The last time was some lookalike Uggs~I had a rash for a week after wearing them.


Outside of the obvious, since most of anything you buy from any chain store is made in china,

things that I have bought from Meritline and a few items that I have purchased from Amazon have been shipped directly from China. Outside of a toddler shower cap being marked as "phone/electronics" i haven't had any real issues with the products other than long shipping times. I have heard stories of people buying things like NFL jersey's and stuff with mis-spelled names on them, so that's something you might want to think of


I make jewelry to sell, and so I buy quite a lot of beads, pendants and findings directly from Chinese vendors via EBay. I find the items to be of a good quality for the price, and sometimes of a surprisingly good quality for the price. On those rare occasions when there has been a problem (package didn't arrive, item arrived broken, vendor sent the wrong item), they have always been quick to make appropriate recompense. The Chinese vendors are also the only ones that have included cute little thank you gifts. Sometimes it's a couple of organza jewelry bags, sometimes it's a little packet of random beads, sometimes an inexpensive piece of jewelry. My favorite is the little woven tassels with the decorative jade discs. They are great to attach to bookmarks. Like this:


I can't resist. I tried, I really tried, but I can't.

Yes, I have many things from China, although (with the exception of some minor toys from Meritline) I have not purchased anything directly from there. I have silk scrolls that have painted scenes on them (circa 1880), a few rosewood carvings (provenance unknown, but beautiful), and many pieces of porcelain, including any number of vases and containers.

I even have a small bird house, although I suspect it was made for a cricket, and not a bird, in that same porcelain.


@lavikinga (and @kamikazeken): Here's an interesting piece of data. Go look at the last several comments on:

I note that the OP here made two comments there before asking this question.

Interesting. I wonder if they're just testing a translator, and using us as guinea pigs. When they can post questions, and interact, without giving off that "English is not the primary language" vibe, then the testing will cease. There are actually *four separate accounts posting on that question with the engrish flavor, not counting the OP.


@shrdlu: That "honeybaby" sounds like those stupid bots that show up once in a blue moon when I am IMing. "Hey, baby. I think you're cute. I like chatting with sexie cuties."

Don't TPTB have some kind of Romper Room reverse magic mirror that can see where these accounts originate?

Oh my gosh! They all use the word "dear" quite a lot. North Korea! It's Dear Leader trying to reach out from behind his self imposed bamboo wall.


@lavikinga: Absolutely from China. I promise it.

Note in the comment above, the reference to a "cheongsam" which is a Chinese garment for women. (Oh, Wikipedia, is there nothing you don't know?)

There are other items that provide strong evidence to this being China, but that garment name is indisputable evidence (IMNSHO).

Yeah, I knew you were being funny. Still, I have the pedantic bit set to on, today.


Unfortunately I own several things from China. It's all but unavoidable.


@caffeine_dude: hehe, make an inquire about Chinese items.
Because so many people's views vary form one to another..
hehe :)


@jsimsace: ^-^ Most of things from China are still good with cheap price and high quality.
a small part of them are just so so. :)


@shrdlu: I know it. Absolutely, this is going to submit deals on woot.
I wanna know, you all dislike Chinese items submitted on woot, right?... But many things are from China, why so many people reject vendors from China.....