questionsdoes woot need to get some new, bigger boxes?


I can agree with the problems with packing; I've had one or two that were in pretty bad shape. I know they're handled with great care by fedex and USPS (sarcasm), but as such should be packed with a bit of forethought.

However, this is not an issue restricted to woot. I get some very expensive items at work that look like they were packaged by a kindergarten class...


Plain box = most likely it was either drop-shipped from the manufacturer or fulfilled by Amazon. Either case, it which means Woot has no direct control over the situation, though they [Woot] should provide feedback to whoever did handle the shipping that this isn't an acceptable practice.

A friendly note to might not be out of line.


Can you post a picture for us to see the problem?


I ordered the same knife and mine came in a massive box. At first, I wasn't sure what it could be inside because the box was pretty large. I guess they used up all the big boxes for my order and had to skimp on yours.


@okham: When I was younger I worked at UPS and most guys ignored the fragile sticker.


@jsoko: Sorry, I took the item out of the box, trashed the box and laid a couple heavy books on the top/creased part of the packaging. I just figured that some one at woot would read this and maybe make some changes. The knife is still great, the packing just lacks a gift/presentation quality. Just a lack of pride in the job.


@90mcg112: So maybe they really do need new boxes. Yours was too big and mine was too small.


@dw1771: ... and the baby's box was juuuuuuussssst right ...

That is, until they decided that it was more fun to give that box to a cat and film the resulting hijinks.


@narfcake: Sadly I'm not much above that cat. I recently ordered a random woot shirt for my wife and when it arrived it was in a Woot bag with a picture titled something like "What's outta place in this picture" so I spent the next 30 minutes just laughing at the bag.


Yeah, I had an issue with the shipping packaging for a side sale Star Wars (one of the science build it type items) item I bought a while back. They shipped it in a padded envelope, and the light-saber separated from the packaging. It was meant as a gift for a little boy, and now I'm not sure I can give it to him the way it is. At least not as a gift. I have December to decide if I'm giving it as a gift or giving it to him just because, so I'm hoping I find a way to reattach it that it doesn't look crappy! The way it ripped off, it even took some of the 'paper' from the cardboard, so I'd have to line it up just right to make it work. I'm pretty sure it was shipped through Amazon, as that was the return label. I have since tossed the packaging of course. Oh well.


I miss the old woot boxes....:(


This thread inspired me to dig up my post when my woot ! skillet arrived partly in the box, partly not in the box. The pictures don't quite capture how badly the box was damaged!


@narfcake: That's the one. I really like the taco backboard or maybe it's just because I like Tex-Mex?