questionsis @snapster the one who changed my signature on…


My vote goes with Chuck Norris.


Iggz serious questions:
Are you a woot staff's offspring?
How did you do in school this year?
What grade are you going to be in?

edit You have a great question and I hope it gets answered!


@caffeine_dude: Maybe, no, no, me too

@gatzy @wootfast quit being big baboons and tell me


In the beginning of deals, there was Iggz. He was the first community deal hunter. He used to run this community by himself. Finding deals when search engines were in their infant stages. When we first gave out reputation points Iggz had the first points. These new points gave Iggz a new perspective. He started hoarding this points as more and more people joined Deals as casual users. He despised casual users. He wanted all the votes for himself. One day we caught Iggz threatening a user over PM. New deal hunters were hired, myself Wootfast was sent to bring in the user know as Iggz.


I set off on my journey to find Iggz. I wore my new staff badge proudly as i searched far and wide for Iggz, to bring him into HQ. To bring him to justice.


By now users had grown weary of how Iggz had hoarded and gathered upvotes yet users couldnt help themselves from voting up his deals. Finally two clever users (which will not be named) decided to trick Iggz into posting a great deal they had found on a penny auction site. Iggz, blinded by thirst for upvotes quickly posted the penny auctions and nobody could upvote that deal. Penny auctions were not allowed on the site.


The users had seen his error and the spell they were under was broken. No longer did they have to upvote his deals. Iggz had fallen from glory.


By the time i had found Iggz to take him back to HQ, he had grow very old. He still had his first upvote on a wallet chain clipped to his belt. 'My precious' he whispered raspily to himself.


Epilogue: We have special iggz handlers in office. We used to have interns and whoever drew the short straw had to wash and scrub his pen. But since the acquirement we've been able to hire a professional handler who says we have to let iggz say a few things a day just to show the community what happens. What happens when a user breaks the rules.


See that guys, I also single-handedly stimulate the economy!

You're welcome Mr Professional Handler!


No wonder @snapster left, this place sucks.


@iggz: I was almost sure you were in school, you get far more active in the summer.


@snapster: I was just kidding, this place doesn't suck


Why do I have a black triangle O.o


@snapster: Okay, I take that back. It kind of doesn't suck.


@snapster: dammit :( I wish you would have said yes

...I'm going to go end my life now.