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Oh, Crap, I'm old. Really old. I'm not sure if Leroux is still in business, but that particular mark (Irish Moss) died circa 1950. Back in a few...

In fact, here's an entertaining bit:

Says it died in 1939 (even I am not that old).


On the other hand, I'm seeing people claim to be selling Leroux Rock and Rye (not Irish Moss, though). eBay has bottles for sale (empty). It seems to be collectible.

I'm believing it was still around in the seventies, since I'm finding recipes in old newspapers that call for it. I remember it. My daddy claimed that you couldn't have whiskey made by a [insert your favorite euphemism for French here) and it never came in the house. No amount of discussion would make him believe it wasn't French, either.

Funny times.


Leroux is still available and I have seen the Rock and Rye in the past few years but I have not seen or heard of the Irish Moss version...

@shrdlu: There is something wrong with that trade mark page... Seagrams 7 is still made and available almost everywhere....


@hobbitss: Yes, but that specific mark is probably gone. It was just the first place I hit. Leroux is made in Lousiana, I believe. Of course, as far as my daddy was concerned, that wouldn't be much better than France. ;-}

My daddy liked bourbon. Hence my knowledge of such important things in life as Maker's Mark. Tasty stuff that. You could dab a little behind your ears, and wear it like perfume, too.

Also, I found the Leroux Rock and Rye available for sale all over the place. It was just the specific Irish Moss variety that seems to be gone (and lamented, from what I could see).


@shrdlu: Maker's is good... I like Blanton's & have heard that Pappy Van Winkle is excellent but very hard to find...


I know nothing at all about this particular item, however it caught my eye.

Irish Moss is an item frequently used in brewing beer, oddly enough. We toss it in at the early stages before fermenting and it attracts solids which collect at the bottom of the fermenter. Makes for a clearer beer when done.

I haven't heard of it being used in liquor (Though admittedly I've not done a lot of research on distilling) but I wonder if it is somehow related to the same Irish Moss or if it's just a coincidence.


@shrdlu: Actually, I think it was trademarked in 1939, and the TM expired in 2001, so it definitely could have been around in the '70's. I think it's really interesting that the TM is the only record of this I can find.

I appreciate you all looking into this with me. I posted it on facebook as well and got answers like "The answer's at the bottom of the bottle" and "I think the name says it all!" /sigh

I'm trying to learn if it was a good brand or an average Rock and Rye. Is it valuable? Once I learn that information I'm going to decide if (read: when) I want to drink it.

Happy Monday!


@shrdlu Finally got a pic uploaded

I called a few local liquor stores with no luck. No info for Leroux's online, but it looks like the brand was bought by Seagrams so may try to email them. Currently believe the bottle is from 1963, because I learned the date is commonly stamped on the bottom, and there is a "63".

Will continue the hunt and report back if I can find additional info.


It is very funny that I'm running across, because I am reseahing the liquor store in my area to see if anybody is still selling this. I'm 64 and I grew up on this, anytime we had a cold my grandmother would make us a cup a tea and pour some in it, but you had to go straight to bed and stay under the covers. This concoction would sweat the cold right out of you, I wish you were close by so I can get some from because my Lady and I are feeling really bad today, gotta go still on the hunt for some take care.


I'm 60 and my 62 year old fiance just introduced me to Rock & Rye within the last few months. He recommended it to me for a cold/cough that I could not kick. I found the Leroux brand quite by accident and was surprised to see it really did have fruit at the botton (a slice of lemon and two grapes). Being intrigued with the fruit I went back to the store to replinish but unfortunately could not find another bottle with the fruit in it. I was trying to find out how to write to the company to find out why? The fruit at the very bottom was a very nice addition......


My Mom has a label from years ago. She has saved it for years, having a good memory of its flavor. The label says it's bottled in Philadelphia PA.