questionshow to remove hardened arm pits from shirts?


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My theory is lasers, powerful powerful lasers.


Alcohol is a solution. It may not work, but my answer is technically correct. Maybe a citrus-based degreaser/emulsifier. I would test any theories on a well-used affected tee that you don't mind sacrificing.


Scissors work as well. And sometimes seem to be the only answer.


white vinegar diluted in water is worth a try if it's your fav tee. Otherwise, i'd be another vote for scissors.


@ceagee: YES, YES, YES! I sweat like a pig headed to slaughter so I use lots of Deo and it can make clothes gross. I always wash my whites in vinegar and my other clothes as needed to get sweat or Deo stains out.


Contact the deodorant's customer support services -- the likelihood is that they'll have an answer for you.


This isn't really an answer to you question...
Shave your pits. No, I'm not joking. If you have a lot of pit hair, the DO will build up on the hair and you end-up putting more on than you need just to cover the actual skin. With no pit hair, you can get away with a thinner layer of DO and it won't rub off on the shirt as much. Also, try getting shirts that aren't too tight on the pits. Breathing room is your friend.

Full disclosure, I'm talking about antiperspirant deodorant. If you're using plain DO, you'll probably still have to put a lot to mask the stank.


Oxi-clean. Put them in the washer with hot water, Oxi-clean and your regular detergent. Agitate for a couple minutes then let them sit overnight and finish the cycle the next morning.


@zippy the pinhead: "Alcohol is a solution." Yes, been doing that for years. It makes me feel great and after a couple of drinks I forget all about the hardened armpits!


@nmchapma: Can you be more specific how to "wash clothes in vinegar? Thanks.


Here are some tips from WikiHow. I haven't tried some of these but I am learning more and more things that can be cleaned with vinegar. I recently bought a huge jug of the stuff and a huge box of baking soda just for my cleaning supplies. If you mix the two into a paste you can see the bubbly chemical reaction. Coat your shower door with it, wait a few minutes, scrub it off (minimal elbow grease required), and presto! Clean and shiny shower door! If it works that well on the built on soap scum in DH's shower, it would probably do a great job on deodorant stains.

Pssst. Method 3 involves Vodka, so Zippy might be onto something!


@ceagee: Vinegar works but makes your washing machine smell like salad dressing for a few loads, I use two cups in a wash. An added benefit to the vinegar wash is it will also break loose any hard water deposits in the washing machine too.


I don't have a remedy, but I do have a preventative measure: if you use gel (gel, not just clear) deodorant, that hard armpit problem won't happen.

But ultimately t-shirts just aren't meant to last forever if they're being worn regularly. No matter what you do they'll wear out in a few years. They aren't heirlooms. If you have a shirt that you really want to save, either due to an awesome design or happy memories, ask someone crafty to cut out the front and turn it into an accent pillow.


I can't guarantee it will work, but try soaking your shirt in a mix of warm water, a 1/4 cup Purple Power (or Tuff Stuff), and 1/4 cup dish detergent. Let the shirt soak for several hours. I let my caps soak overnight. It works great for general cleaning and getting rid of sweat stains on my baseball caps. It also softens the caps' bills so they can be reshaped.


Vinegar, followed by closely trimming your pits if you can't go for the full shave. I used to have this issue as well but stopped using antiperspirant and started cutting my hair. Now, no more problem. But vinegar gets out the gunk.


@flyingwriter: Looks like they took care of it, Thanks all.


@kbsig106: I keep a gallon jug of vinegar by my washing machine and throw a few glugs in with any load that might have an undesirable odor, along with my regular laundry liquid. I didn't know that about the hard water bit, that's really good to know as we have notoriously hard water here. So hard that when I travel I feel like the water in other places is silly. It pours down on you in the shower all soft and foamy and doesn't make you feel wet, you drink it till you slosh and it doesn't make you feel quenched. LOL.


First Wash: Use White Vinegar in place of detergent
Second Wash: Use Baking Soda in place of detergent

This also works to get that funky smell out of bath towels.

You're welcome.


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