questionsdo i need an iphone and an ipad?


Do you "need" both? No, probably not. But are both nice to have? Heck yeah!

I started with an iPhone and loved it, but have never enjoyed playing games or watching video on the smaller screen of smart phones. So I decided to pickup an iPad and love it. Both serve a purpose and I use both every day, but I could certainly get by without my iPad if I had to.


I don't have an iPhone, but I do have an iPod Touch4 for music and apps. Mostly I have apps like emergency & survival reference material, knotmaking, construction tools, etc. but there are others for shopping, entertainment etc. I don't need a smartphone enough to justify the cost. I just got an iPad 3 64GB for apps like Kindle & a few other newsreaders, but primarily for use as a guitar effects/modeling system. I learn by seeing & doing much more than reading & studying. The visual representation of stomp boxes/amps/cabinets is much easier for me to understand than waveforms & command line interfaces.

Personally I like the larger iPad screen since @ my age I now need reading glasses. Trying to use a web browser on a small screen is torture.


My Galaxy Tab 2 was pretty much retired when I got my S3... I still use the tablet to watch Netflix at the gym but it feels too big to play games on now. I use my Acer or TV+Wii to watch Netflix at home and use the laptop for any web browsing.

I paid $150 for the tablet because it was refurbished and the store was new and had coupons to get customers in... and my phone was only $100 with contract because they just rolled out the S4...and my Acer was only like $300-400 so to answer your question, nobody needs ANY Apple products :P


I think @pxb006 gives the best answer here. Do you NEED both? Absolutely not. But are they nice to have? Definitely. The tablet is more of a laptop substitute, you can use it while sitting on the couch and web surfing or viewing facebook. And it's great to travel with, takes up a lot less space in a bag than a laptop, and the battery life (at least on my ipad mini) is incredible. But I could definitely live without it. It's a luxury item, not a necessity, but it's very nice to have.


To answer your question. NO, you do not need one.

Do you WANT one, well that is a different question.


As said, need? No, not at all. Want? Probably.

My iPhone 4S is my work and personal cell. I use it for pretty much everything. Need navigation, checking email or sending a text - iPhone is great for that. When I'm lounging in the living room or on the deck or even watching a game on TV, I have my iPad in tow. The iPad is great for when I'm in the kitchen and want to take a recipe along with me and cook a meal. The iPad is also nice when I am travelling and want to hunker down with a movie from Netflix. I prefer the nice big screen over squinting at my phone.

It is nice that when I purchase something on one device, I can get it on another.

To add to that, when I am working in the yard, I love to take my iPod with me and listen to a podcast. I do NOT want to take my phone with me for several reasons: this is my time and I will look at calls later, I don't want to waste my phone charge on yard work and I would look funny as hell carrying my iPad in the yard mowing....


If you have to ask, then the answer is no ;)


Oops—I meant to provide a more detailed answer, but didn’t get my update in before the edit window expired. Woot…

I imagine you’re in the same situation as I was not too long ago. For me, a tablet was only a toy to fill the small niche between the convenience of doing something with a smartphone and the full power/capability of a laptop. The price point had to be just right in order for me to justify spending ANY money on a device that didn’t do anything more than what I could already accomplish with the gadgets I had. I finally pulled the trigger on the Motorola Xoom featured on Woot not too long ago. Its specs are generally considered outdated when compared to the latest and greatest models, but for only $200, it had enough power for the tasks I intended to throw at it. Let your heart/conscience/budget be your guide and think about what you will really DO with an iPad once you shell out the money for it and the novelty of something new and shiny wears off.


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Something else to consider: if you already have an iPhone, buying an iPad would obviously give you device compatibility and familiarity. But buying an Android-based tablet would offer different options inherent to that OS and might help you to avoid the feeling of re-buying what you already have in a bigger package. Since my phone is Android-based, I found myself a little bored with my Xoom after I had it all set up because the interface was essentially the same as what I’d been using for the past couple of years. For that reason, I considered getting an iPad, but, again, it was too expensive for the amount of use it would get.


If you want to be a hipster then you need both...


I know this is an older threat, but I bought an iPad a few days ago, and here's a blog post I wrote on my debate to keep it or not. Hope it can help someone: