questionsis it just me, or are there more posted deals…


Since your question went popular with 0 replies I would lean toward the "not just you" camp. :)


I guess part of the problem is, it is impossible to list a product or even a shipping cost if it is a code for a percentage off. There is no reason not to list the company name but the other stuff, if the deal does not lend itself to that, then it can't be given. Just a thought.


It looks to me like there are more newcomers posting deals lately which may account for it. As they become old-timers they'll know better how to post a proper deal.


@sstaylor: I think you on to something there. There is a learning curve on what deals to post & what info should be included. The 1st deal I posted was a dup...had NO idea what that meant at the time. (Well, I know what a dup is, just didn't grasp the whole process here.)

I was fortunate to have a couple of members 'warn' me. They posted on my deal. And then patiently explained how to tattle on my own deal. Forever grateful to them, even if I don't remember who they were.

Perhaps, we could gently let people know when their deals are lacking in info?


Deals posted lately have definitely been lacking key info. It is important to post the shipping and handling, etc., especially when they are more than the price of the item. However, the comments usually will contain the info later in the day.


@gmwhit: Well stated. I guess that's what having a community is all about.


@sstaylor: Yeah, when I first started posting deals I tended to post with a lack of information, although mine was lack of descriptive information not lack of pricing info.


@wisenekt: When it's a site-wide sale, all I really expect is something along the lines of "Coldwater Creek: 30% off all merchandise, sale ends 5/11" or something similar. Enough basic info to tell me who is the deal about and what is the deal, in general terms.


@gmwhit: I have little boiler-plate things I can just cut/paste into newbie deals to give them a better idea of how to post deals properly. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.


@wisenekt: I try to put something like, "shipping starts at $7.95, free shipping for purchases over $100" or something, just to provide some kind of info. Sometimes sites won't give you a shipping cost till you are checking out, but I rarely do business with sites like that.


@magic cave: Sounds like your "boiler plate" templates would be a great addition to @lichme's Rules and FAQs.