questionsdoes anyone have a vista home premium 32-bit…


Contact your OEM or Microsoft for replacement discs.


The files for Windows Vista are posted as .iso files at the Dell Community Support Forums.


@neuropsychosocial: Who knew? I have downloaded 'official Dell ISOs before from torrents' I had the key so I think it w/should be legal. I will double check with the manufacture next time I need one.


Sounds like your XP drive does not have the drivers for the machine you put it into.


Woops, after reading @publicart:'s comment I read the details in the question.

If you want to continue using XP you should go to the dell support and download the drivers for XP: and use the service tag code on the bottom of the laptop. Tell it you only want to see the XP drivers. Download all the drivers and install the video driver first (you will thank me later).
You may have issues because you should really reinstall XP (but you do not have an XP disk either), but the minor issues may not bother you.


Cool tip! I did not knew that you could download iso's from Dell's website. Thanks for the share! :)


@caffeine_dude: Actually, I do have an XP install disk - SP3 and everything.


You want me to perform a federal crime, violate DMCA, and send you the actual evidence?
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ANYway, there are many other sites that you can get a copy. From.
Since you have a Dell, they're usually very good about having a restore disc.
Once you're reloaded, then look for all the upgrades, updates, and new drivers.
Burn all your data to dvds. make sure you have copies of your working programs.
You will lose all previous work, you'll reboot a few times, and you'll have a clean fast machine.