questionsdid you see bp settled on $4.5 billion (usd) in…


Nice, now we're only 14.99 trillion in debt.


Wonder how much of that disappears into attorney fees?


Too bad that so little, if any, actually makes it to all those small businesses along my beloved Gulf Coast who watched their businesses go bankrupt because of the spill and incompetent clean up efforts.

(And that's Escambia Bay behind me in my avatar. They were luckier than a lot of the areas to receive less damage.)


I always appreciate the monetization of tragedy.


I understand and agree with monetizing fines for damage caused by the spill. Since you can't undo it, all you can do is make them pay for cleanup.

What doesn't make sense is that Eric Holder said that BP will be paying fines for 11 counts of manslaughter.

If any of us common folk commit manslaughter, we go to prison. If you have billions of dollars, you can just pay a fine.