questionswho is better: stanley steamer or chem dry?


When we bought our house we decided not to replace all of the carpet despite it being soiled badly. We have 3 small children and new carpet would look like that in no time. We hired Stanley Steamer to clean them instead. The carpets cleaned up really well. However a few days later the smell of the carpet amplified and the entire house smelled like a wet dog. We opened the windows and used A LOT of Febreeze for a few days. Finally we rented a Rug Doctor and used a mix of Febreeze and cleaning solution. We cleaned all the carpets in the entire house and finally the smelled as good as they looked.

I cant say I recommend their service honestly. It was expensive and it did remove stains but it obviously didnt get them as clean as we had hoped.


@capguncowboy: Soggy carpets is my major concern. I've been looking into Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning and their reviews are pretty good. Thanks for the input.


I've used Stanley Steamer for years and have never had a problem.


If u live in the NY area Steam master Ask for Joey G tell bigfrank sent you and to take good care of you or I will come after him.


Chem-Dry offers a higher level of cleaning with the fastest dry times. Chem-Dry has been awarded a gold seal of approval from the Carpet & Rug Institute for the patented Hot Carbonated Extraction system. As well, because Chem-Dry does not use any soaps or detergents to clean the carpets, only one tenth the amount of moisture is used to clean versus traditional Steam Cleaning. This means your carpets will dry within just hours, eliminating your concern of damaging your flooring below or mold/mildew issues. Chem-Dry's Green Certified, organic cleaning process is also 100% non toxic & biodegradable, which ensures absolutely no residues left behind. Call 1-800-Chem-Dry or visit (Chem-Dry) for more information. If you are located in Southern California call 1-888-797-0777 or visit (Air Fresh Chem-Dry). Choose the Drier. Cleaner. Healthier. carpet cleaning process.


@bigfrank: Damn!! Don't live in NY anymore. Thanks for the advice. If you don't mind, I'll pass the info to my cousins who live in the area.