questionsluggage: what are reliable brands and vendors?


I am a big fan of Samsonite. You can find good deals at discount stores such as Ross & T.J. Maxx, although that probably won't work well for a registry. Maybe eBags? For less expensive luggage, I really like Olympia. I got a garment bag from them that has held up well.


I think a lot of it depends on the size and style you're looking for as well as what kind of travel you're doing.
If you're doing mostly car travel, you can get by with cheaper, less sturdy luggage. In this case, I would shop by size and feature preference (duffel or true suitcase, multiple compartments or just one big one, etc)
If you do more flying and then driving or staying in one location, mid-range luggage should be fine. Again, shopping mostly by size and feature, but also taking in how well it's made and how durable it is.
If you do a lot of flights and bus tours, where your luggage will be loaded and unloaded by people other than you regularly, you'll want to go for the most rugged pieces you can afford. People who handle others' bags regularly are much less gentle than you would be.

You'll also want to factor in the length of your average trip and how much gear you normally take, whether you tend to fill up all the space you've got or are more conservative cont.


If you're going to be traveling by air regularly, weight of the bag will be important as most airlines limit you to 50lbs. Heavier bags limit how much gear you can pack. Duffels and bags without wheels tend to be lighter but they can also be harder to carry.

For about ten years I traveled fairly extensively with a Greatland wheeled duffel bag from Target. It was a great bag and I was sad when I had to retire it from airline trips (trips). Now I use an Eddie Bauer wheeled suitcase that I got from Target. It's held up well to an international bus tour and a few domestic flights. For trips when I'm not checking luggage, I use an Eddie Bauer medium size duffel. I prefer duffels to wheeled carry-ons as they can hold more and better fit in overhead bins. It also helps that I'm strong enough to carry a heavy backpack and my full duffel without any problems. Most people find the wheeled luggage easy to move around with.

For brands, I like Lands End and Eddie Bauer.


I used to travel a lot for my previous job and this LL Bean roll-aboard (actually its precursor, mine is about fifteen years old now) is the only bag I ever needed. Don't let the soft sides fool you; it's seriously sturdy. Going on fifteen years, as I said, and the outer zipper is beginning to need repair but otherwise it's practically like new. I would recommend the whole LL Bean Sportsman's line. They're pricey, but worth the money.

On a related note, for the love of Mike don't get black luggage. About 70% of the luggage out there is black, and it's a royal pain when you're trying to spot your bag coming on the checked-luggage carousel. My bag is green with a yellow wrap on the handle, and I can spot it in half a second. Make your own luggage equally recognizable.


After spending big bucks on various pieces of luggage throughout my life, I've come to this conclusion: Either buy the hard plastic indestructible pieces OR buy the cheapest thing you can find. Airlines BEAT THE TAR out of luggage. There's nothing like spending $200 on a piece, flying one time and seeing your new piece of luggage now has severe wear on one corner from who knows what. Or that light beige color you picked out now has a huge black smear across it that will not come off.

Heed my words. Save your money and/or sanity.


@thefenst: Samsonite is one name that I've heard before, but I've been told that their quality, as with many big names, has gone down since "the old days". Oh, and I found ebags a little bit ago. Good resource, but I don't know how trustworthy the reviews are, as they don't point to any real reliable options; seems there are a good number of people saying "don't ever buy this" on just about everything on there.

@gt0163c: Most of my travel is by air. Business trips are typically 2-3 nights but can be a week. Haven't had one in a long while, but I'm thinking it would be nice to have a true garment bag. Other than work, most travel is for between 7-10 days. Thanks for the good info.


1) Don't worry about matching luggage. Eventually one piece will get fubared or lost, and you won't be able to replace it with one that matches.

2) Register at a store such as Saks 5th Avenue that sells china etc AND luggage. When you get the 8th crock pot, return 5, and use that money to buy luggage that is being clearanced. I'm fond of American Tourister and Samsonite.

3) Don't worry about making your luggage stand out. Instead tie a ribbon to the handle of each one before going on a trip. I use the handles i cut of of one of those blue plastic ikea bags to mark mine.


Ogio. I'm in love with my rollaboard.


I've gotten a lot of miles out of the Ful bag I bought at Costco. It is a pilot type wheeled suitcase with a backpack that zips completely onto the front of it. So it counts as one piece of luggage when checking in, but when you are out and about you can zip off the backpack and use it for a day pack while leaving the suitcase at the hotel.


Rockland gets good reviews on amazon. Not sure where else they are avilable for a registry. Congrats on your upcoming wedding!