questionshelp me find good deals on kids arts/crafts…


Of course, the ONE time I'm actually hoping Woot has that ubiquitous cheap colored pencil set for sale, they don't. Here's hoping they put it back up within the next week or two so I can buy a bunch up. (Hint hint)


What a nice thing to do! Not sure where to get cheap/bulk supplies, but I did find this link to a Pinterest board that has some great cheap kid craft ideas. Looks like a lot of them consist of simple cardboard, paper plates, and of course you gotta love the googly eyes! You may be able to get pretty cheap bulk packages of this sort of stuff at your local grocery store or craft supply store.

Another idea: tie dye is a pretty cheap/fun option! Maybe the kids can all bring in an old white shirt if they have one lying around, and the dye is pretty inexpensive. Good luck!


Dollar stores are usually full of that stuff. Joanne Fabrics usually has some items, and a discount coupon in their weekly circular in a basket near the front door. Craft stores have bargain bins also.


Michael's usually has a good selection of easy crafts for kids, also.


@dows: Oooh thanks! There are some great ideas there!


@magic cave: @zippy the pinhead: Thanks. I wondered about Michaels as well but the few times I've been there they've seemed kind of expensive. The dollar store is also a great suggestion!


Try Goodwill, Salvation Army, or another secondhand store for old clothes and jewelry that could be used for dress-up and costumes.


@msklzannie: Oh hey, that's a great idea. Didn't think of that. Can you tell I don't really do this very often? :)


It's been a few days since this thread was started, but if you are still looking this was just posted: