questionsbest pizza chain?


I'm a big fan of Papa Murphy's. It's take-and-bake, though. They have really good pizza, and usually have decent deals as well. I'm not sure if they have stores in your area though, here is a locator in case you're interested.


@unclefrog: Thank you! I have heard of them. No locations near me, closest is North Florida -- i'll make a note to try it next time I up there. Thanks again


I've been fanatical over Domino's Pizza since they changed the recipe. It's the best thing they've done since TMNT 1.


I'll put in a vote for Papa John's... They're not the best pizza I've ever had, and definitely aren't gourmet (this from someone who loves the true Italian pizza margherita) but for chains, they're pretty consistently good. They use good cheeses, the added side of a peppercini is nice, and the crust is actually worth eating :)

The aforementioned Papa Murphy's is also pretty good in the take-and-bake category, though I'm not a big fan of their stuffed pizzas.


@arosiriak: I agree, that peppercini is a nice touch


Donatos is by far the best, then Pappa Johns.

Not sure if Danatos has the best prices for feeding a party though


Find and support your local Mom and Pop pizza joint ... chances are they are much better than any chain!


@drdougsteward: I do that often. I worked for a mom and pop pizza joint for 5+ years...and i agree the pizza is occasionally better.


Papa Johns is the best tasting chain store pizza. If the TMNT's could do it all over again, they would definitely go with papa johns.


SBARRO Greatest pizza and other tasty foods


I realize I'm probably alone in this, but I prefer Little Caesars over any other national brand. Maybe the $5 pizza makes it taste better or something. Also, it's leaps and bounds better than any other pizza cold.


I love love love Dominoes pizza. The garlic crust is the best!


@philselmer: Hahah you're lucky that Little Caesars is your favorite for the price lol. Good for you.

The chains: Papa John's and Pizza Hut are mighty close in my book. Papa John's wins though. Donatos is good too though.

Local place in Charlotte NC. Hawthorne's New York style Pizzas are super win.


I loved Papa Murphy's when they had locations in this area. They all closed, unfortunately. Most of the rest of the chains seem to be hit or miss. One time they're good the next time, not so much. I do think that many local pizza places are better than any of the chains, but usually more expensive. Have fun no matter what you select. The people at the party are more important than the food.


@meyerk0: thanks! if more people thought like that...


Not one mention of Pizza Hut? It's not the greatest, but I do enjoy their lunch buffet.


love pizzahut pan pizza, but the best has to be round table pizza... they're west coast only though.

Oh, I found a new great pizza in the sacramento area, PETE's downtown. They also brew their own beer!

You could probably get some kind of decent discount if you talk to the manager or owner of your local mom&pop place too


@kamikazeken: Thanks. Heading out there sometime in the summer.


pizza my heart - best hands down. you get a slice and a tshirt for $5. just great! local only in the South Bay Area (santa cruz, san jose, etc) but they should just franchise the heck out of it. Oh yeah, they also are great supporters of local events (see giants fan beat up by dodger fans story)


Love Little Ceaser's, probably mostly nostalgia but even when I get it every once in a while I love it!!


@matthalbig: pete's is at J & 20th in downtown sac, across the street from, ironically, pete's coffee.

I admit I still hit up little ceasars for crazy bread+sauce, but only because they have a little buy 4 get 1 free card.


Mazzio's is the best national chain but locally, Johnny's is the best in north Louisiana.