questionsdo you think windows 8 is microsoft's worse os to…


I actually like Windows 8...
I have it running on my desktop and find it really easy to use. The start menu thing gets a little bit of time getting used to, but I love just pressing windows and typing whatever I am trying to find to do a quick search. The closing windows thing is a bit annoying, but it's ok as long as I launch from the desktop as I normally would.

Vista... was an unfortunate mistake. I imagine that the software devs cried into their drinks after Vista's launch.


Vista was way worse. Although, this is the Microsoft pattern.

XP awesome
Vista awful
7 awesome
8 mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


This is a trick question, right?

If you don't have a touchscreen-enabled PC, Windows 7. I've had Vista and Windows 7 and I would never go back to Vista. If the choice really is between Windows 8 and Vista, I'll go Mac and not look back. I can't handle the clutter of those live tile things - yes I'm one of those people with a blank desktop.

I've heard you can turn them off / not use the live tiles, but why I should I spend the money to upgrade from a pretty good OS (Win7) when I already know I don't like one of the main "attractions" of Win8 and I don't have a touchscreen-enabled PC?

M$ seems to have miscalculated the desirability of all that clutter. I don't see companies upgrading in droves, either. A lot of them are still stuck in XP, which they finally mostly understand...


@kmashaney: Strangely, M$ appears to follow the Star Trek Film Rule (every other release doesn't suck) even better than Star Trek has recently. On a sidenote, I really hope the second rebooted Star Trek film doesn't obey the STFR - the first one was actually pretty fun...


@bione: Can't agree on the Star Trek movies because I haven't watched them, but I completely agree with your opinion on the "tiles" that Windows 8 has.

I've got my browser, my recycle bin, and the my computer icon on my desktop and that is it. I can't stand the icons all over the place or the tiles inside tiles that hold your folders for your folders for those folders. Making a bunch of different boxes to hold different things is more annoying than it is organized.

Where does it end!!!!!!!


I personally really like Windows 8 a lot. Windows 7 is still my favorite, but Windows 8 grows on you after a while.


@kmashaney: Your forgot the worse windows release Windows ME
FYI Windows ME worst release ever. I bought because when they released it you could get crazy rebates if you bought it. I spent a bit over $1000 and received $750 in rebates.
I uninstalled ME before the rebates arrived, come to think of it I uninstalled it in 7 days, it would have been sooner but I did that stuff on the weekend.


@caffeine_dude: ah yes windows millennium. luckily for me, I stayed far far away from that disaster


Still have XP Pro on all but 2 laptops (Win7) and my tablets (Android). I prefer XP, but 7 is okay. Hated Vista, but I agree that ME was worse.


I haven't tried 8 yet, but it sounds like I need to stay with 7......


No, not by far. Windows Millennium was the WORST Windows to date. I would take Windows 3.1 before ME again. Vista was a decent operating system when it came to getting around, the security was garbage and made everything more difficult then it needed to be. Windows 8 is just sloppy and not designed for what 95% of people use...computers. I am slowly getting used to it, but I spent an hour tweaking it to what Windows 7 used to be.


Windows ME was definitely the worst of the general use operating systems. (Some of the early tablet & phone ones were pretty bad too.) A lot of current Wooters are probably too young to have dealt with them. My cable box still uses WinCE -- ouch. Of the recent OS's the worst was Vista. The worst thing about it was actually the hardware requirements. You needed a pretty beefy computer to use it. Win7's hardware requirements were much easier to meet. With Win7 I was able to take old XP machines out of mothballs. They were snappier than ever and I was amazed. Win8 has all of the goodness of Win7 but it is wrapped up in a touchy feely tile interface that really takes some getting used to and works best with a touchscreen.


Windows ME sucked waaay too much.Windows 98 was pretty good, and XP is still great.
I keep trying the Win8 little picture thing. It's cute, and I'll eventually customise it with MY choices, but it's a real PITA to use. Try PCLOS Full Monty for an easier way.
On the other hand, Windows 8 boots faster, runs quicker, and I have less issues. Even Chrome is snappier! Just run Win8 from the "desktop". I moved it from the bottom left to the top left, just to make it a no brainer thang.
I'm just tired of the basic M$ paradigm. I'm running a gennie Win8 WMC, and you want me to goto the app store to run a .flv file? We don't know what a .mov file is- goto app store?


Windows 8 should be pulled from the shelf and anyone who already has it should be downgraded to win 7. Whoever in their staff that created this should be fired. It is nice that they put in their EULA that you cannot file a class action suit against them because someone should.