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@captainsuperdawg: Thanks! But is it available to purchase??


@sweetpea113377: Haha that is a cool shirt.

Anyway you could check and see if anyone has one in your size for trade or just keep buying random shirts and hope you get amazingly lucky.


@sweetpea113377: Not unless you can find it from another website. Try, they have people who are willing to buy/sell/trade their different shirts. If you don't mind my asking, have you ever purchased from shirt.woot? If so, you should know what "Reckoned" means.


pst @captainsuperdawg you stuck an extra 'r' on that link


@panthiest: That I did. For some reason I thought it was "trader" not "trade." @sweetpea113377, it's, not what I had in my original message.


Currently it looks like there's only one available on teetrade. It's a ML (user: waterelement333). Once upon a time I had a WXL, but I traded it several months ago.


I love that shirt. My girlfriend was super jealous that she didn't get one either. Good luck finding one!


You can buy it again for a limited time, just click on this link


@gideonfrost: surprise your girlfriend. It's back


@captainsuperdawg: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for the link. Much appreciated. I just ordered 3. One for my brother, a friend & myself(of course). I will pass this info onto other interested parties.