questionswho found the angry birds deal?


It wasn't me. I hope that helps.


I tried to post it here yesterday, but deals.woot wouldn't allow it and I figured I didn't have a good way of posting yet another freebie deal, but yes, I've been playing with it since yesterday. Can't wait to unlock the exclusive themed levels.


I tried to post it the other day when Rovio had posted it in a blog, but the system wouldn't take it.

P.S. I am still a little ticked that I bought Angry Birds Seasons for Android and it is suppose to be ad free, but they still put ads in it that crash your phone if you try to bypass them.


so glad I downloaded a pirated version. for free. months ago. for windows.


@xarous: That does suck.
Thanks for the link. I have been wanting to play Angry Birds on my 47" TV for the longest time.